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Oct 16, 2023
The Ultimate Guide to Call Tracking Software
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    Case Study

    “Churn is the biggest killer of growth. I think of WhatConverts like an insurance policy against client churn. It gives us the ability to prove our value.”

    The Challenge:

    Constellation Marketing, an Atlanta-based marketing company for law firms, developed a proven track record for boosting client revenue through SEO and paid digital advertising. On average, their clients saw revenue growth of 300% over the course of their partnership.

    One such client, a criminal defense firm, enjoyed 5 years of increased traffic and lead generation with Constellation. And thanks to regular communication, reporting on engagement metrics, and overall increases in business, the client was happy.

    However, Constellation’s responsibility for those results was called into question after the client hired a consulting group. Based on CRM data, these wins were attributed not to Constellation, but to a chatbot on the client’s website. As a result, the client became skeptical that their investment in this marketing company was actually generating value, putting their account in jeopardy.

    The Approach:

    Constellation Marketing was already using tools that allowed them to imply marketing success (revenue timelines, organic traffic, ad conversions). However, these datapoints do little to convince an already skeptical client.

    “Even when we could show certain data points that would imply we’re generating business, there was still confusion about where the value should lie. Who is responsible for the value? And if we can’t clearly show that as an agency, they’re going to leave.”

    To retain their client, Constellation Marketing instead needed a tool to:

    1. Prove their marketing generated leads that turned into customers.
    2. Clearly tie earned revenue back to the marketing that created it.

    WhatConverts was a perfect fit because it allowed for closed-loop attribution.

    With it, Constellation could see the marketing responsible for every lead collected, down to the ad keyword, landing page, or blog post. Then, they could cross-reference lead data collected by WhatConverts with sales data from the client’s CRM, identifying exactly which of their leads became paying customers.

    Finally, WhatConverts made it simple to report on the precise revenue numbers generated by each marketing channel. Constellation Marketing could then answer client questions (“Are these spam?”, “How do I know they became customers?”) in realtime by drilling down into individual leads from those channels, showing qualification factors, and citing actual sales values.

    The Result:

    “WhatConverts gives us and the client peace of mind that what we’re doing is actually working and we can prove it (that’s the big thing).”

    After implementing WhatConverts, Constellation Marketing was able to show the CRM attribution was incorrect and prove their marketing was responsible for more than $500,000 in earned revenue—70% of the revenue generated in that period.

    With this data, they were also able to show that their marketing earned an impressive 9X return on investment (ROI).

    Finally, because the client could indisputably see the exact value and ROI of Constellation Marketing’s efforts, they then increased their budget by 150%.

    Results Highlights

    • Turned a potential cancellation into a budget increase of more than 150%
    • Proved a 9X return on investment
    • Showed responsibility for 70% of client revenue generated

    Want to see what kind of ROI you can achieve? Start your free 14-day trial of WhatConverts today!

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