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Chat - SnapEngage

SnapEngage is a sales and support chat solution for businesses to engage with customers and drive measurable business outcomes. Using SnapEngage takes your customer interactions to the next level by empowering your sales and support teams to engage with your customers in real time, while they are active on your site.

SnapEngage screenshot

Using SnapEngage with WhatConverts captures the full marketing picture from your incoming chats. With the SnapEngage integration, you will gain marketing clarity by knowing the Source, Medium, Campaign, Content and Keyword of all your incoming chats along with the full chat transcript, link to the full message and contact information for quick follow up or to review the chat.

Snapengage Lead

A SnapEngage integration with WhatConverts gives you:

  • Marketing Source, Medium, Campaign, Content and Keywords for Chats.
  • Contact information for users.
  • Full Chat Transcripts.
  • The ability to send your chat lead back to Google Ads, Google Analytics and Bing Ads to get accurate Cost-Per-Acquisition data to make better marketing decisions.

With WhatConverts your phone calls, form submissions and web chats can all be seen in one place. You get that information and more all directly in your WhatConverts dashboard and you can view the information of what page the customer was on when they submitted a lead, what marketing brought them to you and view chat transcripts and call recordings.

WhatConverts answers your conversion questions including:

  • What marketing inspired a customer to reach out?
  • Are the leads coming into my business leading to sales?
  • When a customer fills out a form or calls, is that a “good” lead?

With WhatConverts, you have the tools to see what marketing converts, whether they call, chat or begin the sales journey with a form submission; we track those conversions and sales back to the marketing responsible, giving you the complete marketing picture.

SnapEngage Chat Integration