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Dimension Grouping

Dimension grouping sounds like a term invented by those ‘Data Nerds’ who take the fun out of marketing. The term is confusing, but it simplifies your marketing reports by grouping your marketing data.

Dimension grouping allows you to take big chunks of marketing data and group it into useful marketing reports.

Before Dimension Grouping

The ‘Leads by Landing Page’ report is a very useful report, but if you have 10,000 pages you’ll need a data nerd to see the insights.

Dimension Grouping Before

Leads by Landing Page

After Dimension Grouping

Grouping landing pages by brand or product type makes for a more usable report with clear insights. Instead of trying to weed through 500+ landing pages for insights, now we have 10 product groups which clearly shows what group generated the most leads.
These reports reveal insight that are very simple to see and communicate.

Leads by Landing Page (Grouped)

Dimension grouping works with our ‘report builder’ and ‘dashboard views’ to enhance and simplify your marketing data. If you would be interested in utilizing the ‘dimension grouping’ in a closed beta, with the expectation of giving us feedback as we finalize it for public access, please fill in the form below.