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Leads by Lead Page

This report will tell you the end of the journey and where the actual conversion took place. You’ll quickly be able to see if your visitors converting on a contact us page, or on the actual information page. Many conversion rate insights have been gleaned from this data. Improve your conversion rate, and you can instantly increase your value.

Leads by Landing Page Report

Reporting – Leads by Lead Page

Conversion rate optimization has become an industry on its own. After you’ve optimized your search engine ranking and paid advertising campaigns, it’s time to really dig into making sure your pages are optimized to increase the amount of conversions per visit. This alone can more than double your marketing results.

With WhatConverts, you can see all conversion actions such as phone calls, form submissions, web chats and eCommerce transactions can all be seen in one place. You get that information directly in your WhatConverts dashboard so you can view and know what marketing brought them to you and lead data such as marketing data, lead page, landing page, form details, call details, chat transcripts and call recordings.

Seeing all conversions in one report makes this report invaluable for conversion rate optimization reporting.

WhatConverts answers your conversion questions including:

  • What marketing inspired a customer to convert?
  • What pages are converting best?
  • What conversion actions are the used most, and what could be optimized?

With WhatConverts, you have the tools to see what marketing converts, whether they call, chat or fill out a form; we can track those touch points back to the marketing responsible, giving you the complete marketing picture.

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