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Leads by Week

Identifying the root cause to a change in number of leads being received, can be challenging. When we notice an increase or decrease in leads, we find plotting the leads a period of time allows you to see when the blip occurred. This allows you to narrow your investigation to find the root cause.

Plotting leads by week and by marketing source can uncover good and bad insights. These reports are invaluable anytime something goes wrong. Maybe a new competitor enters and starts out bidding you, or what if a form on your website stops working. Or, when you start capturing chat conversions and see how that influences conversions. This report allows you to see changes from week to week in an instant.

By Week Reports

Total Leads from Google Ads by Week.

Viewing all leads on one chart over different time periods allows you to discover insights in your marketing from specific marketing sources. This specific chart is only displaying leads from Google Ads campaigns from all conversion types. Our reporting allows you to chart any marketing source, and as always you can drill down into the individual leads that make up the chart data.

Google Ads Leads by Week Report

Quotable vs. Not Quotable Leads from Google Ads by Week.

Separating good vs. bad leads provides an infinitely clearer picture on what campaigns and channels are converting into quotable leads. Comparing marketing sources by quotable (qualified) leads, provides a much more accurate view on you most effective campaigns and sources.

Actual Sales Value from Google Ads by Week.

When managing marketing budgets with actual sales value data, enable you to be more aggressive with your growth goals. Tying actual sales value to campaigns, sources and ad spend allows you to make quicker, more accurate decisions.

Leads from Google Organic by Week.

Any marketing source can be plotted by Lead Type, Quotable Leads, Quote Value and Sales Value. The chart below is only showing leads from Google Organic visitors.

Google Organic Leads by Week Report

See what marketing converts, whether they call, chat or fill out a form; we can track those conversion actions back to the marketing responsible, giving you the complete marketing picture.

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