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Understanding User Notifications

Agency account management, user management and user notifications are slightly different from regular accounts.

Master Account

As an Agency administrator, your account is a master account. With the master account, you have access to all accounts within your agency account.

Only master accounts have the ‘Agency‘ menu items.

Agency Only Settings

User Notifications

By default, Agency Account Users receive all notifications for all accounts tied to the Agency Account. To manage which type of notifications you would like to receive, first setup an account.

Under your agency in your dashboard, select “Settings” then “Users“.

Agency User Settings

You’ll notice Account Users and their “User Settings” gear icon located in the same row as thier email address.

    Users – This menu item allows you to add new user accounts for that customer account.

    User Settings – This is where you set Your User Preferences. Your users’ notifications.

Click the “User Settings” gear icon to change the notifications the user receives.
User Settings

If you are an Account User and need information on how to change or manage your email notifications, click here.