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Tracking Google Ads (AdWords)

The simplest way to allow WhatConverts to track Google AdWords visitors is to enable auto-tagging for your Google AdWords account. By enabling this option, Google AdWords will automatically tag your landing page URL with a parameter called gclid. This will allow our script to recognize the visitor source as Google AdWords.

If you have already linked your Google Analytics account with your Google AdWords account this feature is automatically enabled. So you do not need to make any changes.

Enable Auto-Tagging

Sign into your Google AdWords account, on the bottom left-hand side of the menu you want to select “Shared Library”. Click on “View” under URL Options. Select “Edit” beside Auto-tagging and click the checkbox that says, “Tag the URL that people click through from my ad” and hit “Save“.

WhatConverts will now recognize your Google AdWords traffic.

Learn How to Enable Auto-Tagging in the New Google Adwords Interface

Enable Account-Level Tracking Template

In order to track the specifics of your AdWords account such as the campaign, landing page and keyword, we need to add a tracking template to send the campaign and keyword data to WhatConverts to attach to each lead.

Sign into your Google AdWords account. On the left hand menu, select “Shared Library” then click on “URL Options“. From this page you will see the Tracking Template option, click “Edit“.

Add {lpurl}?campaign={campaignid}&content={creative}&keyword={keyword} inside the text box that appears; hit “Save“.

ValueTrack Keyword Data

Once the tracking template is added to your Google Adwords account, WhatConverts will begin to report on the campaign, ad creative and keyword that generated the corresponding lead. See the example below on how the information displays within WhatConverts.

Lead Data

Learn How to Add Our Tracking Template in the New Google Adwords Interface

Need more information on the ValueTrack parameters? Check out our article Simple ValueTrack Setup for Adwords Tracking.