Maximize Your Agency's Revenue with Our Affiliate Program

WhatConverts supports agencies in "proving and growing marketing ROI" for clients, cultivating trust, transparency, and client relationships. As we deepen our agency partnerships, we're excited to unveil our official affiliate program to enhance collaborative success.

Become a Partner
Earn 20% monthly commission

Earn 20% monthly commission

Move existing clients

Send clients your referral link where they will sign up for their own account, but remain linked to your agency. We charge their credit card directly and pay you a monthly commission.

Send your referral link

Whether it’s a new client, an agency or a company who could benefit from WhatConverts, send them your link and if they signup you earn commission.

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Our partner program benefits

Simplify Billing

Clients pay WhatConverts directly and you receive monthly commissions.

20% Revenue Share

For the lifetime of your clients. Premium affiliates earn commission on all companies that sign up using your link.

Reduce Liability

Our team has the infrastructure to comply with data liability requirements, and is covered in our terms of use.

Eliminate Compliance Headaches

Avoid Data security and compliance headaches. Data compliance is complicated, when your clients sign with us, it removes the headache from you.

Dedicated Account Manager

WhatConverts support is already great, and we’re making it better to proactively support you.


Client and staff training. Let us help you train your clients on how to get the most out of WhatConverts, and highlight the results driven by your marketing.

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We want to help you succeed

How it works

Who it’s for

Who it’s for

WhatConverts has been built for marketing agencies and their clients to get the most out of their marketing.

If you create content or help customers generate leads from their website and want to earn money while helping them succeed, you’re a great fit to join the WhatConverts partner program.

Mihnea  G.

"Excellent lead tracking platform - makes life easier for our digital marketing agency"


Frequently asked questions

Yes. When your clients create their own account through your link, you’ll earn commission for the lifetime of their account. They need to create their own account.

Yes. We will link their new account to your agency account. You will be able to access their account, once they approve your access.

Yes & No. For billing purposes, yes, they will have a new account, and we will bill their credit card. For existing accounts, we will merge the old account, use the same tracking scripts and move all the data and tracking setup.

No.  All tracking setup and data will remain unchanged. The only change is who we bill, and getting them to approve your access.

No problem, we are able to assign clients after they have signed up.

A complete Lead Tracking Platform built for marketing agencies and their client to ‘Prove and Grow your marketing ROI’

Used by the top PPC and SEO professionals. Including Marketing agencies and advertisers.

You can earn 20% commission of our plan price from all new companies you refer that become customers.

We don’t have a limit.

13th of the following month.

Stay tuned, we’ll be adding resources as our program grows

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Prove your ROI Build trust with clients Enhance relationships
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