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Marketing Reports

See what marketing converts to leads. We've created a set of marketing reports where you can quickly see what marketing is delivering the most leads as well as the most qualified leads.

Monthly Summary Marketing Report

Client reporting is a  broad topic and there are so many different marketing report options. Our co-founder says, “After many…

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Leads by Campaign & Keyword

In WhatConverts, seeing what Campaign and Keyword that drove a conversion not only gives you a picture of performance, but…

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Leads by Source & Medium

How your visitors find you is a key factor in your marketing picture. With WhatConverts, you can track and easily…

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Leads by Ad & Content

Knowing which ad and content drive customers to your site is key to optimizing your PPC accounts. With WhatConverts, you…

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Leads by Landing Page

Know where your users begin their journey by knowing which landing page gets them to your site and what the…

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Leads by Lead Page

This report will tell you the end of the journey and where the actual conversion took place. You’ll quickly be…

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Leads by Day

Want to know what days of the week drive the most business? This is the report to do it. Grouping…

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Leads by Week

Identifying the root cause to a change in number of leads being received, can be challenging. When we notice an…

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