Need a Tapclicks alternative to get the marketing reports you need?

Are you using Tapclicks to track and measure your marketing? Do you struggle to get the marketing reports and insights you need? It’s frustrating when you want more than you’re getting.

What is Tapclicks designed for?

Tapclicks is designed to gather multiple marketing data sources into one dashboard. It’s a connector tool for all your marketing software. While this is useful for businesses using multiple marketing analytics tools, there’s an easier way.

WhatConverts provides one software that tracks every lead back to the marketing source, providing detailed data to follow leads from conversion to sale.

What is WhatConverts designed for?

WhatConverts is built to track all leads and marketing, giving you total clarity.

WhatConverts automatically captures all leads from phone calls, forms, chats, transactions and events. Every captured lead contains marketing data, including:

  • Who the person is
  • What they wanted
  • Where they came from

Along with all the leads and data, WhatConverts offers pre-built reports and a report builder to answer common marketing questions and questions specific to your business or industry.

WhatConverts reporting is designed for simplicity, while allowing you to dig deeper into the lead data when necessary.

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Tyler  G.

WhatConverts allows us to show ROI to our small business customers easily by putting calls and form leads in one dashboard. It's a no-brainer tool for marketers. If you need a complete marketing lead tracking tool or just call tracking, I would use WhatConverts because it comes with other fantastic tools, but even just for call tracking, it's a great price and works very well. The new dashboard design is fantastic and easy to use. The support at WhatConverts is like no other SaaS tool I have ever used. They are like a mix of brains from Harvard and service of Chic-fil-A.

Tyler G., President
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