Need a Google Analytics alternative for marketing reports?

For all the answers that Google Analytics can provide, however, there are a few important questions that it's marketing reports can't answer:

  • What marketing channel inspired a customer to call you?
  • Are the leads coming into my business the kind of leads I want?
  • Which landing pages and content generate my leads
  • Which keywords and channels deliver qualified leads?
  • What is the sales value of my marketing leads?

What is Google Analytics designed for?

Google Analytics will help you figure out where your traffic comes from, but doesn’t do a great job of telling you anything about the individual users that make up that traffic. GA isn’t a lead tracking tool or a lead management tool. Google Analytics can show conversion numbers, but raw conversion numbers don’t provide any insight into lead quality.

What is WhatConverts designed for?

WhatConverts captures leads from every marketing channel, allowing you to manage leads and produce reports within one platform. Our platform was designed to allow anyone to create custom reports with a few clicks, right from the leads dashboard.

The ease of use is especially important for agencies working with clients or franchise businesses providing lead data to franchise owners. The more people you need to share information with, the more important it is to have an easy-to-understand platform.

Learn how WhatConverts stacks up against Google Analytics and similiar platforms. 

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Mihnea  G.

WhatConverts helps us track calls from the website for our digital marketing clients, filling in a big piece of the puzzle which is usually missing. Up to 50% of all leads come via telephone calls and including this in our data helps us better optimize our campaigns. It also ensures our clients see the full value that our digital marketing campaigns bring. It gives us a full picture of the results our digital marketing campaigns are driving which helps us better optimize activity for continuous improvement and helps with client retention.

Mihnea G., Operation Director
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