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Dec 22, 2023

“Our customer base for ad management has doubled. And WhatConverts has been a core driver of that growth.”

Case Study

The Challenge:

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    With a winning combination of digital marketing expertise and ROI-focused advertising, Florida-based WolfPack Advising has quickly become one of the top agencies in the area. Their extensive track record of happy clients and standout results has earned them a <1% churn rate and 5-star reviews across platforms like Google, Facebook, Clutch, and UpCity.

    Although WolfPack works with businesses of all types, their core clientele comes from the home services industry: home inspections, pest control, HVAC repair, plumbers, etc. These clients typically do business over the phone, making call tracking—which ties offline calls to the online marketing that generated them—a necessity for strategic advertising.

    One such client, Waypoint Inspections, had just decided to move away from their previous call tracking provider. Their current solution could not clearly show ROI by marketing channel (Meta, Google Ads, Google Local Service Ads, Bing Ads, etc.), making it difficult to use their budget strategically.

    They also needed a solution that was:

    • Simpler to setup
    • Easier to use
    • More affordable

    It was WolfPack Advising’s job to guide Waypoint through this transition and use the new solution to improve the results of their marketing efforts.

    The Approach:

    “With other solutions, seeing the metrics you need to make better decisions (quote value, sales value, ROI, etc. by source) is nowhere near as clear cut.”

    WolfPack Advising landed on WhatConverts as the ideal solution.

    Beyond the simple setup process, top-rated support team, and attractive pricing, WhatConverts also offered ROI reporting that other call tracking solutions could not.

    For example, WolfPack could use WhatConverts to capture a wide range of lead data (70+ data points) across all their client’s marketing channels. Then, they could enrich that lead data by passing critical details from their built-in CRM back to WhatConverts. As a result, they could see among the thousands of leads collected which were qualified, which became customers, and what was the sales value of those customers.

    With this data, they could then report on which marketing channels offered the highest ROI by factoring in the marketing spend for each.

    The Result:

    “The biggest thing is that closing customers is 10X easier. When we’re pitching an ad management program we can flat out say, ‘You can clearly see the type of return on investment we’re getting for what we’re doing here.’” 

    After switching over to WhatConverts, WolfPack Advising discovered that Google Local Service Ads (LSAs) were achieving a greater ROI by driving the lion’s share of high-converting, high-value leads—far more than other marketing channels like Facebook, Bing, or even Google Ads.

    With this clear ROI attribution data, WolfPack could confidently shift Waypoint’s budget towards LSAs and away from other channels. The client was so pleased with the outcome, they then 2Xed their LSA ad budget and earned twice the quality leads.

    Waypoint Inspection’s success story was so impressive, WolfPack Advising built a case study around it, which they used as marketing collateral to double their number of clients using ad management services and scale their agency.

    Results Highlights

    • Discovered high-performing marketing channel using ROI reporting
    • Scaled client’s ad budget and LSA results by 2X
    • Doubled the number of clients using ad management services

    Want to use ROI reporting to scale your agency too? Start your free 14-day trial of WhatConverts today!

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