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Mac Mischke is a Writer and Content Marketer at WhatConverts. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn, or you can email him at

Business owners, marketers and agencies deal with chaotic marketing systems chaotic at times. With leads coming in left and right, it’s hard to know what's working.

Watch the video above to organize your lead data, make sense of it, and reveal a clear link between marketing and sales.

Afterwards, check out these links for instructions on organizing your leads in WhatConverts:

How to add lead quote value in WhatConverts

How to search for leads in WhatConverts

How to export leads in WhatConverts

How  to qualify/disqualify leads in WhatConverts

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Whatconverts Features for your Business
Call Tracking Triggers
Lead Tracking Call Tracking Triggers

Choose which calls to track based on which marketing source the caller is coming from.

Export All Data
Lead Management Export All Data

Download or send your entire data set with one click.

Append Marketing Data (WordPress)
Lead Tracking Append Marketing Data (WordPress)

Get email notifications for form submissions and online orders, with marketing data attached.

Leads by Week
Analytics & Insights Leads by Week

WhatConverts can plot your leads over a period of time to show when the fluctuations happened.

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Lead Tracking
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