Need an AgencyAnalytics for alternative marketing reports? 

Are you using AgencyAnalytics to track and measure your marketing? Do you struggle to get the marketing reports and insights you need? It’s frustrating when you want more than you’re getting.

WhatConverts is a better and easier way to track and report marketing results, and gives you a more accurate picture of what marketing works.

What is AgencyAnalytics designed for?

AgencyAnalytics has always been specifically designed to make life easier for agencies.

It’s an attractive tool for agencies because it provides more than just lead reporting. Users can see leads from Google Ads, Facebook, Twitter and other channels all in one place.

However, AgencyAnalytics does not show phone call leads, or provide users with the ability to qualify and value leads.

What is WhatConverts designed for?

WhatConverts is built to track all leads and marketing, giving you total clarity.

WhatConverts automatically captures all leads from phone calls, forms, chats, transactions and events. Every captured lead contains marketing data, including:

  • Who the person is
  • What they wanted
  • Where they came from

Along with all the leads and data, WhatConverts offers pre-built reports and a report builder to answer common marketing questions and questions specific to your business/industry.

WhatConverts reporting is designed for simplicity, while allowing you to dig deeper into the lead data when necessary.

See how WhatConverts stacks up against AgencyAnalytics and Google Analytics.

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Josh Gould

"Loving WhatConverts. Switched to the Agency plan not long ago and the ease of using the system and managing tons of clients is made so easy. We see what results our clients are getting, can track all leads and easily report results to clients. I love everything about it, especially how easy it is to use. "

Josh Gould, CEO at Flood Media
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