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Dec 5, 2023

“Being able to go in and show a client, ‘Here’s the number of quotable leads, you got last month, here are the sales numbers.’ That’s how we justify the work we do for clients. And there really is no price you can put on that as far as how valuable it is to us.”  

Case Study

  • Agency: Make The Turn
  • Client: Custom Sporting Goods Supplier
  • Software: WhatConverts

The Challenge:

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    Midwest marketing agency Make The Turn achieved massive success for their clients using 100% custom, never cookie-cutter strategy and an intense focus on audience understanding. One such client, a custom sporting goods supplier, had grown rapidly during the onset of Covid, due in part to Make The Turn’s social media services, website management, and brand awareness campaigns.

    However, when the agency began using Google Ads, the client (already skeptical of this marketing channel) began questioning the value of the leads generated. They could see the number of leads coming in. But the quality of those leads was unclear.

    The client wanted to know:

    1. Who these leads were
    2. Whether or not they became sales
    3. What the actual value of their purchase was

    Make The Turn was left with the challenge of convincing an already skeptical client that these leads generated revenue and that their marketing through Google Ads was well worth the investment.

    The Approach:

    “There really wasn’t a way to quantify the true lead quality that we were getting them. We were just showing them these mystery numbers on a sheet, not knowing if these were real, quality leads and what the end result of these calls were.”  

    With their current software, Make The Turn could not report on the level of detail needed to answer their client’s questions. Instead, they needed a platform that let them:

    • Drill down into individual lead details
    • Connect online leads to in-person customers
    • Attach specific sales data to each converted lead

    With this information, they could not only prove to their client that these leads were bringing in real revenue. But they could also use that information to identify high-performing ads and optimize all of their campaigns to bring in higher-quality leads.

    After researching various lead tracking tools, Make The Turn determined WhatConverts checked all the boxes.

    On top of the exceptional level of data collected for each lead (70+ data points), Make The Turn could also use WhatConverts’ white-labeled customer portal to offer 24/7 visibility into the results of their lead generation.

    It was the perfect fit.

    The Result:

    “What’s been really great is being able to pull up the dashboard and show the client, ‘This lead was Keith who came in last week and he booked this custom bag fitting, leading to this amount in sales.’ What we had before didn’t provide this level of reporting, so they’ve been over the moon happy with us because of this.”  

    WhatConverts made it easy to prove to the client that the online leads being generated were actually visiting the shop and becoming in-person customers. Since sales were low-volume/high-value, the client and their sales team could identify leads by name. What’s more, they could easily input sales data right into the WhatConverts dashboard, making it simple to see the total revenue resulting from each PPC campaign.

    Using this data, Make The Turn then further optimized their campaigns, achieving a 67% lead to MQL conversion rate in just a few months.

    Plus, the “ultimate transparency” of the white-labeled dashboard also let the client see the real-time results of Make The Turn’s marketing and even train their own sales team to close deals more effectively using call data and close rates.

    Results Highlights

    • Optimized campaigns to achieve a 67% lead to MQL conversion rate for leads produced from PPC
    • Improved the sales team’s effectiveness at closing leads in under 90 days
    • Built client trust and reduced churn with a customer-facing lead dashboard

    Want to see what kind of ROI you can achieve? Start your free 14-day trial of WhatConverts today!

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