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Feb 27, 2024

Case Study

  • Agency: Bake More Pies
  • Client: Florida Opthalmology Clinic
  • Software: WhatConverts

“It’s not just looking at return on ad spend, though that’s a big part of it. It’s also having the data you need to make better business decisions. And in that way, it allows us to be a deeper partner for our clients.”

The Challenge:

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    Few things cause more of a ripple effect than focus shifts from top leaders. Expenses get scrutinized, longstanding relationships are questioned, and low-ROI investments are cut. For smaller businesses with a limited budget, these changes can be even more dramatic.

    This was the exact situation a Florida ophthalmology clinic was facing in 2020. Though business was strong, leadership began reexamining what investments could be improved and what should be dropped altogether.

    Bake More Pies, the clinic’s award-winning marketing agency, was already delivering strong results. But the in-the-weeds approach of clinic management meant the agency was faced with a challenge—how could they adjust their PPC strategy to meet their client’s new expectations?

    To do so, Bake More Pies needed to:

    1. Shift their PPC marketing strategy to focus on value, not quantity
    2. Understand and refine ad effectiveness based on patient type and location
    3. Collect and report on lead data the client needed to gain operational insights

    The Approach:

    “Instead of just looking at how many new patients, we were able to start looking at what kind of new patient they are. Is it a routine eye exam where we may actually lose money to get them in the door? Or is it a more profitable cataract, glaucoma, retinal disease?"

    A WhatConverts user since 2015, Bake More Pies knew they could access the lead data to accomplish each of these goals.

    To focus more on value, they would start by breaking down new patients by initial service and connect that service to the sales value. For example, a new eye exam patient could be worth $140, but a laser glaucoma surgery patient would bring in $2K in revenue. With this breakdown, Bake More Pies could assign a numerical value to each new patient within WhatConverts.

    With customer value unlocked, they would then be able to report on the effectiveness of each ad campaign by revenue generated, patient type, and even location.

    For instance, if they wanted to know which ad campaign:

    • Had the greatest ROI
    • Generated the most of one type of client (e.g., exam, surgery, etc.)
    • Worked most effectively in a particular location

    They could easily create these reports right within WhatConverts and make marketing decisions based on the numbers.

    Finally, this comprehensive lead data would also open up the door to additional operational insights for the client.

    For example, say Ad A had a 10% conversion rate with 60% of conversions looking for cataract surgery. With these numbers, they could reliably predict an ad clicked by 1,000 prospects would produce 60 cataract surgery leads. The client could then adjust which location that ad sent these leads to based on that location’s capacity for that particular surgery.

    These operational insights would help the client run at maximum efficiency and set Bake More Pies apart not just as an agency, but as a true business partner.

    The Result:

    “Oh yeah, [the client] is very happy with the results. We're now able narrow it down to data that's a lot more focused and specific. So it's not just looking at return on ad spend. But this data lets him look at marketing from an operational perspective"

    The shift in strategy was a success.

    Over the course of a year, Bake More Pies generated 42.73% more new patients for the clinic.

    They were also able to boost conversion rates by 5% thanks to the ad effectiveness insights from WhatConverts.

    Plus, the data transparency let the client see which procedures were in demand, which locations needed additional staff, and what type of return they could expect from their marketing—all invaluable insights for growing their business.

    Results Highlights

    • Grew new patients by 42.73% year-over-year
    • Increased conversion rate by 5%
    • Gave client the data transparency needed to make strategic operational decisions

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