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Apr 25, 2024

“Now we’re adding quote value so we can start using more advanced bidding strategies like target ROAS and optimize towards not just quotable leads, but high-value quotable leads. Without WhatConverts, I don’t think that’d be possible.”

Case Study

The Challenge:

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    Google Ads Smart Bidding is a bit like owning a 200 lb. Mastiff—left unchecked, it can ruin your life (and your budget). But with the right tools and training strategy, it can quickly become your best friend.

    This is what marketing agency Profit Roofing Systems was trying to achieve. Their hyper-focused niche and full-service offerings helped 92% of clients see a clear return on investment in just 3 months. Business for the agency was good.

    However, they wanted to upscale their results and downscale their time spend by using Google Ads Smart Bidding strategies. Such strategies require marketers to give up some control over how much they bid on certain keywords. And Profit Roofing Systems was wary about the transition.

    The challenge was finding a lead tracking tool that let them train Google’s algorithm to target the best leads.

    The Approach:

    “That’s something that makes WhatConverts stand out – we have the option to send conversion data to Google Ads only for leads that are quotable.“

    Profit Roofing Systems was looking for three characteristics in a lead tracking tool:

    1. Integrated cleanly with their clients’ CRMs so they could better understand lead value
    2. Automatically sent only specific leads as conversions to their Google Ads account
    3. Made it easy to find optimization insights (e.g., which channel had the highest percentage of quotable leads, which channel produced leads with the highest quote value)

    WhatConverts was a perfect fit.

    With WhatConverts, the agency could easily connect with CRMs like AccuLynx to pull crucial lead data like “Appointment booked” and “Quote value”. This data would flow automatically into the Lead Manager where the lead would be updated and then marked as quotable.

    Using the native Google Ads Integration, Profit Roofing Systems would then adjust the settings so that only quotable leads were sent to Google Ads as conversions. This detail was crucial. Since the algorithm was only marking highly qualified leads as conversions (vs. all leads), it could learn to target more high-value leads and fewer low-value ones.

    Last but not least, WhatConverts made it easy for Profit Roofing Systems to uncover valuable optimization insights. They could easily organize leads in the Lead Manager to show which channels, campaigns, ads, and even keywords generated the most quotable leads, highest quote value, etc. They could then optimize their campaigns based on these insights.

    The Result:

    “We’re able to pull quote value from our client’s specialized CRM (AccuLynx) into WhatConverts. Then we can pass that data over to Google to target more valuable leads with advanced smart bidding strategies.”

    WhatConverts proved to be invaluable for training the Google Ads algorithm and Smart Bidding strategies, especially for one client in particular.

    In the 3 months after implementing the change, Profit Roofing Systems earned a 12.4X ROAS (up from 6.9X). Revenue for the client jumped by 57%.

    The strategic Smart Bidding shift also resulted in 21% more qualified leads, 60% fewer unqualified leads (spam), and a 19% higher average quote value.

    With their newly successful Smart Bidding strategy in place, Profit Roofing Systems' next steps are to start sending lead value with their conversions, giving the algorithm the data it needs to target even higher value leads.

    Results Highlights

    • Achieved a 12.4X ROAS and 57% jump in revenue
    • Saw 21% more qualified leads and 60% fewer low-quality leads
    • Grew average quote value by 19%

    Want to see what kind of ROI you can achieve? Start your free 14-day trial of WhatConverts today!

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