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Imagine this; a potential customer comes to your website at 11 p.m. They're ready to convert, but have a few questions. It's too late to call, but they would rather connect with a real person than submit a form and wait to hear back.

Does this lead end up converting on your site? Probably not.

This happens all the time. People sometimes browse your website at times when it’s inconvenient to call. Form-fills are quickly forgotten, and the lead will probably go to your competitor within hours if they don't hear back right away. It helps to be able to connect with leads anytime, anywhere.

ApexChat makes it possible to connect with leads at all times, and the integration with WhatConverts makes it possible to track those leads back to the marketing source.

People prefer live chat over other contact channels

Live chat is instant and easy. In a world where most people prefer to text than call someone, chat fits in nicely with your other lead generation channels. More than half of people prefer to chat with someone in real time and online, according to SuperOffice.

Additionally J.D. Power found that 42% of customers prefer live chat over email (23%) or social media (16%). Adding live chat to your website won’t generate every lead for your business, the the addition of another (and preferred) option is usually followed by a net increase in leads.

24-hour live chat leads to better website conversion

ApexChat offers a 24/7 live chat service that uses industry-trained, chat agents to convert website traffic into qualified leads. ApexChat can then send every transcript to WhatConverts for review and follow-up.

Maximizing ApexChat leads with WhatConverts’ lead tracking

Live chat is a great way to capture leads, but it’s not the only way. People will continue to call in and submit forms on your website. No single channel should take precedence over the others. Your best leads are your most valuable leads, regardless of channel.

This partnership between ApexChat and WhatConverts will help users get the most out of their chat leads.

Now ApexChat leads will automatically submit to WhatConverts. This allows ApexUsers to:

  • Track which campaigns generate the strongest chat leads.
  • Determine how chat leads convert versus other sources.
  • Build pipelines with your hottest leads - regardless of where they came from.
  • Understand how chat fits into your lead generation picture over time.

How the WhatConverts-ApexChat integration works

ApexChat can help you increase your website conversion rate by 40%, and WhatConvert can help your business stay on top of this net increase in leads.

A step-by-step walkthrough

When someone starts a chat on your homepage, they’ll be greeted by one of ApexChat’s industry-trained agents—whether the chat starts at 9 a.m. on a Wednesday or 2 a.m. on a Sunday. The agent will work to qualify the lead by obtaining contact information, confirming they’re interested in your services and that they’re a legitimate lead. Afterward, the agent will send the lead information.

ApexChat sends this lead information to your WhatConverts dashboard, where it can be viewed alongside all your other leads.

What a live chat lead from ApexChat looks like in WhatConverts

ApexChat sends the following lead information to WhatConverts:

  • Chat transcripts
  • Marketing source
  • Marketing Medium
  • Campaign and keyword (for search ads)
  • Landing page
  • Lead page
  • Lead location/contact information

Maximizing your chat leads with WhatConverts

The chat transcripts will help you figure out  which leads are going to be your best chat leads. Using Whatconverts, you can sort your best leads into a pipeline by assigning value and qualifying them. Whether they come in via form fill, chat or phone call, you can ensure you’re quickly following up with the best leads.

Additionally, you’ll know which marketing campaigns are influencing your top chat leads. This will help you prioritize marketing spend in the future and draw more high-converting traffic to your website.

Other ways to utilize lead information from ApexChat

Not every chat is a lead. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t useful. The chat transcripts you receive from ApexChat can help you change the way that your brand connects with potential customers. What are their concerns? What questions keep coming up? How can you address these issues?

This is information you might not know otherwise. With WhatConverts, you can filter down to your chat transcripts and review them for helpful insights that can improve customer relationships.

Making the WhatConverts-ApexChat partnership work for you

Using ApexChat and WhatConverts together puts you on the fast track to a net increase in qualified leads that you actually follow up with and convert into customers.

This partnership arms you with the organized insight and data you need to make smart decisions about your marketing and convert more leads into customers.

Want to maximize chat leads?

You can schedule a demo to see how ApexChat can help you capture more leads.

Jeremy Edson

Jeremy Edson is a Senior Content Manager at ApexChat.

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