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Nov 30, 2016
The Ultimate Guide to Call Tracking Software
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    Why Top AdWords Agencies Trust WhatConverts for Conversion Tracking

    The measure of a great AdWords agency comes down to the number of conversions it can generate for its customers.

    At the end of the day, AdWords agencies are tasked with the goal of converting advertising dollars into leads and sales. In many cases, leads are the standard utilized for Google AdWords conversion tracking.

    Google provides you with the conversion tools and analytics needed to track visitors, budget and conversions, all of which are included in the service you receive when paying Google for advertising with AdWords.

    So, why do agencies pay for additional conversion tracking, reporting and analytic tools?

    In a nutshell, Google builds tools to serve a very large and broad user base, most of which are suitable for a wide range of the company's users. However, professionals typically require additional tools that go above and beyond average analytics needs. Keep in mind, this doesn't mean more complicated, as many times simpler is much appreciated.

    Let's delve into what's missing from the Google conversion tracking tools and how WhatConverts can enhance your Google AdWords conversion tracking:

    1. Call tracking
    2. We Track All Leads
    3. Lead Quality, Call Recording and User Information
    4. Lead Management and History

    Website Call Tracking

    Google does provide call conversions on their ads so if you have an ad with a number in it and someone calls, it is tracked as a conversion. However, in reality, most people click on an ad, arrive on a website and from there, make a phone call. This is the call tracking we specialize in.

    In addition to tracking the call conversion, WhatConverts will gather all of the caller's information, including caller id, caller phone number, city, zip code, and state. The campaign, ad and keyword used to generate the call is also captured and the call can be recorded if necessary.

    As a result, you receive a bona-fide lead, instead of simply a conversion.

    WhatConverts sends this data to Google, so that a call that originated as an AdWords click to your website is recorded as a conversion in AdWords. From here, the call is assigned to the campaign, ad, keyword and search query inside analytics and AdWords.

    Turn blind conversions into actual leads.

    Turn blind conversions into actual leads. WhatConverts provides complete user and marketing information for each conversion.

    We Track All Leads

    This item was almost left off the list because we assume everyone knows, but just in case...

    WhatConverts tracks all leads from phone calls, web forms, web chats and e-commerce transactions (which is actually a sale and better than a lead).

    What makes WhatConverts web form tracking special?

    The special sauce encompasses tying each individual lead back to the marketing information. Without WhatConverts, if you were to receive a form lead that converts to a sale 3 months down the road, it would be extremely difficult to find the marketing data responsible for that lead and/or sale. With WhatConverts, however, you can find out in a matter of seconds!

    It's also worth mentioning that setting up WhatConverts form tracking merely takes a few minutes, and nothing has to be changed on your website.

    See all leads. Phone Call, Web Forms, Web Chats and E-commerce transactions.

    See all leads. Phone Call, Web Forms, Web Chats and E-commerce transactions. All leads are tied to marketing source.

    Lead Quality, Call Recording and User Information

    Ultimately, Google has no idea whether a conversion is good, bad or ugly. In fact, the only thing they can discern is that a conversion action took place. Typically, all conversions are seen as good conversions. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. Within WhatConverts, you can easily evaluate leads individually, mark leads as 'Quotable (good)' or 'Not Quotable (bad)'. Our reporting allows you to view your marketing by All leads or Quotable leads.

    This offering alone makes a huge difference when it comes to evaluating the success of your campaigns.

    Remove all doubt! Having access to all the information behind a lead helps provides a much more robust marketing picture and gives you the ability to tie ad dollars spent to an actual person, lead and result. In the end, you will absolutely know for certain if your advertising is working or not.

    Each conversion has complete lead details, including call recording if a phone call

    Each conversion has complete lead details, including call recording if a phone call

    Lead Management and History

    Managing leads can become an issue with a large lead volume. You can track a thousand leads, but if you don't have the tools to effectively evaluate and manage your leads, then all you're stuck with is a pile of information holding hidden secrets. For this very reason, WhatConverts offers lead management tools that enable you to sort and filter leads by important criteria.


    A company received several large orders from hundreds of leads, but now would like to find out the advertising responsible for the leads that led to lucrative sales. If you have name, telephone number or email address, the leads can be filtered in no time, resulting in the ability to pin point leads in seconds, even if they are 6 months old.

    This is an extremely helpful feature when it comes to leads that have long sales cycles.

    Google AdWords Phone Calls


    AdWords has become the defacto advertising platform for digital marketing, and we don't see their dominance wavering anytime soon. There's no question Google does a terrific job providing tools for millions of advertisers utilizing their advertising platform.

    However, a whole new software category, AdWords reporting, analytics and call tracking, has been created for companies looking to fill in the gaps left behind as a result of Google's broad focus.

    AdWords agencies trust WhatConverts with their conversion tracking because we delve much deeper than what AdWords can track, allowing you to uncover the real value behind each conversion. At the same time, our focus at WhatConverts has never been to overwhelm users with all the possible data we can provide.

    We've worked diligently to distill huge data sets into concise lead management reporting that provides key information to agencies and companies looking to effectively manage their AdWords budget.

    Enhance your AdWords conversion tracking with WhatConverts today in one quick and easy installation!

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