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Mar 17, 2020
The Ultimate Guide to Call Tracking Software
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    Gathering a ton of marketing data is great, but it only impacts your business if you can put it in a clear marketing report. You need to be able to show key stakeholders that some marketing channels work better than others, and deserve more investment.

    You can do that through various marketing reports, all of which are available in WhatConverts.

    1. Leads by Landing Page / Lead Page

    When looking at web traffic analytics, you’re trying to answer two big questions:

    • Which marketing channels drive traffic to various pages?
    • Which pages generated the most conversions?

    Landing Page / Lead Page Reports reveal those answers.

    The landing page is where people “land” when they come from a marketing source. The “lead page” is the page they were on when they decided to call, fill out a form, or start a web-chat. If you know where people land and where people end up converting, you'll know how web traffic turns into leads.

    Once you know which pages drive conversions, you can copy that layout and messaging when creating new website pages. You’ll know what a successful page looks like, so you can repeat that look on new pages moving forward.

    2. Leads by Requested Service

    Let’s say you’re a car mechanic, or a spa, or a dentist — any kind of business where people schedule different types of service appointments.

    You want to know which types of services and appointments people request. You also want to know which keywords and marketing campaigns are driving your most expensive appointments. 

    This report tracks every lead back to the conversion, with quality marketing data attached. Track every call, form and chat back to the marketing channel and the type of appointment.

    3. Leads by Brand/Product

    Some business deal with selling products instead of booking appointments. A car dealership, for example, might want to know which types of marketing channels are driving different product sales.

    This report reveals which types of leads want which products. Diving into the lead data reveals where each lead came from, how they got in touch, and what they were interested in; valuable information for both marketing and sales teams.

    4. Leads by Location

    Here’s a useful report for companies with different business locations, or a network of distributors. This report shows which locations are bringing in leads from various marketing sources. It can also show which distributors or sales teams are bringing in the most qualified leads, and how they're doing it. Once you know that, it's easier to manage marketing budgets.

    You can pair this report with information from a CRM like Salesforce (integration available) to learn whether or not different parts of your business are delivering valuable leads.

    5. Leads by Day (with Call Flow)

    A call flow separates sales calls from support calls, or new customers from existing customers.

    Track calls by day and find out when your support staff gets slammed, or when your sales team should have dial blocks. From a digital marketing standpoint, you can also use this information to see which days you should target with future PPC ads, email campaigns and social posts.

    When you understand how and when leads get in touch, you can adjust your marketing and sales schedule accordingly.

    6. Leads by Keyword

    Creating great PPC ads is all about identifying the keywords that deliver the best leads.

    When you know which keywords drive your most valuable leads, and can assign sales value to those leads, you instantly know the exact monetary value of each keyword. In the report above, you can see which campaigns and keywords are driving leads, and you can dive into the lead data to see the value of each lead.

    All six of these reports are available, right now, in WhatConverts.

    Help your company can do more with better data. Start your free trial  today.

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