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Jan 5, 2024
The Ultimate Guide to Call Tracking Software
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    Case Study

    “We’ve been able to strategically adjust our budgets in certain areas because we now have clear visibility into the quality of our leads. Without WhatConverts, we wouldn’t be able to do that anywhere near as easily.”

    The Challenge:

    Drawing from decades of marketing experience, Arizona-based Sophisticated Marketing Solutions helps small businesses compete with larger brands using strategic online advertising, audience targeting, and keyword analysis. Its main area of expertise is PPC, earning Google and Microsoft Partner credentials as well as several marketing awards.

    One longtime client, a high-ticket window installation company, had an especially comprehensive digital marketing portfolio, with campaigns running across Facebook, Microsoft, Google Ads, Google Business Profile, CTV, mailers, and more.

    However, the quality of leads these channels produced varied. And low-quality leads —low-value projects or leads looking for non-offered services—were eating into their team’s efficiency (and their budget).

    In order to stay competitive, they needed to:

    • Find which channels were producing the highest value leads
    • Allocate their budget away from low-performers and towards high-performers
    • Reduce their sales team’s time spend on handling low-value leads

    The challenge for Sophisticated Marketing Solutions was finding a tool that offered clear visibility into lead quality so they could maximize their ROAS.

    The Approach:

    “The biggest thing is being able to go in and see if our leads are quotable or not. We can generate leads all day, but if they aren’t quotable, there’s no way to show our clients their return on their investment.”

    WhatConverts provided the lead data Sophisticated Marketing Solutions needed to understand the quality of leads coming from each marketing channel.

    Using the platform, they could see which leads were quotable by analyzing:

    • Call transcripts and recordings
    • Call data (duration, location, etc.)
    • Contact information
    • Customer journey

    They could then work with the client to determine quote/sales value for each lead and connect actual earned revenue back to the marketing channel that generated it. With this information, they could determine which channels were generating high-quality leads and adjust their budget accordingly.

    What’s more, Sophisticated Marketing Solutions could push only data for certain leads back to ad platforms as conversions, thus training the algorithm to target leads more likely to end in a sale.

    The Result:

    Using WhatConverts, Sophisticated Marketing Solutions discovered several channels (e.g., Facebook) that were generating high-volume, low-quality leads and allocated that budget towards better-performing channels (e.g., Google Ads).

    They also started sending only leads to Google Ads for calls that lasted over 120 seconds, giving the platform the data it needed to target higher-quality leads.

    As a result, they were able to increase the average ticket order from $8K to $10K-$12K—a 50% increase.

    Finally, the client was able to use WhatConverts call transcripts/recordings as sales team training opportunities. This helped them improve their sales process and turn more of their high-quality leads into paying customers.

    “We've been able to increase their average ticket order from $8K to about $10K to $12K, which is huge for our client. And they’ve told us the call transcripts are ‘priceless’ for their team.”

    Results Highlights

    • Grew average customer value from $8K to $12K (+50%)
    • Identified and moved budget into channels producing the highest quality leads
    • Improved sales team effectiveness using call transcripts/recording

    Want to see which channels are generating the highest quality leads? Start your free 14-day trial of WhatConverts today!

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