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Dec 16, 2021
The Ultimate Guide to Call Tracking Software
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    What's stopping you from proving the value of your lead generation campaigns? It could be a lack of good lead generation metrics. Lead tracking software can help.

    Lead tracking provides transparency into lead generation campaigns, and clients love transparency. Therefore, your lead tracking software should show every lead that comes in, where leads are coming from, and if the leads are quotable.

    WhatConverts stores every lead in one dashboard with the lead's marketing attribution. You can click on a lead to see the form-fill submission, call recording, chat transcript, contact information, and every marketing touchpoint.

    This information makes it easy to identify the quality leads coming in from your lead generation campaigns and lead quality matters.

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    Sign up here for a free 14-day WhatConverts trial. You can also request a 30-minute live demo, where we’ll answer your questions and show you how to track ROAS.

    Three ways WhatConverts helps lead generation agencies:

    1. Shows quotable vs. non-quotable leads from each campaign
    2. Shows leads from every campaign in one place, including referral, PPC, social and more
    3. It makes it easy to create, schedule, and send daily, weekly, or monthly reports.

    Without WhatConverts, lead generation agencies often show clients raw conversion numbers and assure them that these conversions will turn into sales. With WhatConverts, you can report the number of quotable leads that your lead generation campaigns deliver. WhatConverts can help you track the following lead generation metrics:

    By tracking every lead and giving you the ability to mark leads as quotable, WhatConverts makes it easy to see which campaigns deliver a return on investment for your client. Clients may not always understand how conversions fuel revenue, but they can understand how quotable leads drive sales.

    What's the best way to measure lead generation metrics?

    Do you judge lead generation campaigns on conversions or leads? There's a big difference between these two metrics.

    As a lead generation agency, your goal is to generate leads. Leads come from conversion actions such as calls, form-fills, and web chats. However, not all conversions are leads. For example, some calls are spam, some webchats are solicitors, and some people aren't the right fit for the client's business.

    That's why WhatConverts goes one step further and measures marketing value based on leads, not conversions. WhatConverts captures leads from every type of conversion action and ties the lead to the marketing source responsible.

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    "But wait, I already capture conversions in Google Analytics."

    Many people track their conversions in Google Analytics, but nobody tracks leads in Google Analytics. Capturing a conversion in Google Analytics means capturing an event. You know something happened, but you don't know who the person is, what they want, or whether they're a quotable lead. Unfortunately, conversion tracking tools don't provide a mechanism for determining whether or not a conversion should be a quotable lead.

    As a result, tracking conversions does not provide you with very reliable data. It doesn't help you find out if your lead generation campaign is working.

    Lead tracking gets to the root of the matter. Your goal, as a lead generation company, is to generate leads. You may look at conversion to see if you're trending in the right direction, but conversions shouldn't be your final metric for success.

    What does detailed lead data look like?

    We know what conversion data looks like. It's a metric that tracks how many times something happened. Detailed lead data is different. It shows you the person behind the conversion and tells you how valuable they might be to your business or client.

    Contact Information

    You aren't capturing the lead if you aren't capturing contact information. WhatConverts stores personal identifying information for every phone call, form-fill, and webchat.

    Lead Request

    You need to know what a person is looking for to qualify, quote, or sell. WhatConverts captures call recordings, call and chat transcripts, and form-fill submissions, so you have the information you need to assign value to a lead.

    Marketing data

    The only way to prove that a lead generation campaign is effective is to show that leads are coming from that campaign. WhatConverts ties marketing data to each lead so you can create reports showing the impact of each campaign.

    Individual lead data allows you to identify your best leads. It also reveals how well you targeted the lead generation campaign. When you can see individual leads — not just conversion totals —- you'll know if they fell into your target audience demographics.

    How do you track the success of your landing pages?

    WhatConverts captures the complete customer journey; every touchpoint a lead has on their way to becoming a customer. That includes any interactions with marketing campaigns and website pages. In addition, WhatConverts provides a Leads by Landing Page Report in the Reporting Dashboard that reveals where leads begin their customer journey.

    marketing metrics

    Another pre-built report, the Leads by Lead Page report, reveals which page the lead was on when they converted. Together, these two reports show how well your web pages drive action.

    Sign up here for a free 14-day WhatConverts trial. You can also request a 30-minute live demo, where we’ll answer your questions and show you how to track ROAS.

    Whether you're A/B testing landing pages or want to know which pages drive action on your site generating pages on your site, WhatConverts has this information. Lead generation companies can identify the best-performing landing pages and see the individual lead data for every conversion.

    Kick campaigns into high gear by optimizing for lead quality 

    Lead quality is a crucial metric to track when evaluating lead generation campaigns. Two campaigns delivering the same amount of leads can vary greatly in value depending on how many of those leads are quotable.

    Lead generation companies that only track conversions will struggle to show clients that the campaigns are fueling sales. It isn't easy to judge the value of a conversion. However, it's easy for clients to see the value of a quotable lead.

    An effective lead tracking tool can save you from missed revenue opportunities, drive higher sales conversion rates, and help you prove the value of your lead generation efforts.

    Sign up here for a free 14-day WhatConverts trial. You can also request a 30-minute live demo, where we’ll answer your questions and show you how to track ROAS.

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