Monthly Summary Report Update

We may have cracked the code on marketing reports that your clients will actually read! Finally, your clients are reading your WhatConverts Summary Reports. How do we know? Customers are asking for more information from these reports, and we hear every request loud and clear.

After 20 years of trying to solve the marketing report conundrum, we are more than thrilled to be seeing customers reading and asking about the reports. Generating results from your marketing is imperative, but without good reporting, your marketing may go unappreciated. Reports with impressions, click-through-rate (CTR) and bounce rates don’t help your clients determine business success; but clients understand that leads become sales and more leads equals more sales.

In response to customer feedback, we have made subtle, yet powerful enhancements to the Monthly Summary Report, keeping our focus tightly on leads. Previously, our monthly report would show how many leads were received, where the leads came from and what conversion actions happened. The new enhancements highlight changes from the previous month in greater detail, while keeping it to the point and a super quick read.

Each Lead Type’s Performance Compared to the Previous Month

In the past, the Monthly Summary Report showed the increase or decrease in overall leads. Instead of wondering where those changes came from, the new summary will show you how each lead type performed compared to the previous month.

Monthly Reporting Update

Previously, we only showed the change in total leads, and we started getting questions like “Why did our leads increase by 20%? What marketing channel caused the change?” With Monthly Summary 2.0, you can see the overall change and view the Sources, Keywords and Landing Pages to see what caused the change.

In the above image, you can see that “google/cpc” contributed to the overall increase. In the example below, we can see a substantial decrease in “bing/cpc” and “bing/organic” leads, leading to a 6% overall drop in leads.

Reporting Update with CPC increases

The example above shows that, within a few seconds, you know what caused the drop in leads. Instead of having to dig through all sorts of reports, this insight alone will save time and gain insight.

Top Landing Pages

The new summary report now includes the Top Landing Pages that produced leads. When you know what pages are producing leads, you can optimize your marketing campaigns and other pages to improve your overall results.

New Top Landing Pages in Monthly Summary Report

Quotable Leads

Some companies choose to qualify their leads by marking them as “Quotable”. If you choose to do this, the Monthly Summary Report will show your Quotable Leads and the comparison in performance from the previous month.

How These Reports Can Help Your Agency

Of course, you can use this summary report to provide insights to your clients regarding what marketing is converting and how their campaigns are performing. More importantly, you can also use it as a communication tool to build stronger relationships with your clients.

For example, if you notice there is a decrease in a specific lead type, you can point that out to your client. By doing this, you show that you care about and are quickly on top of how their campaigns are performing. You can also start a solution-focused conversation about what the issue might be and a strategy that could fix it. You can see how using this report as a tool to help your clients can directly improve and solidify your relationship with your clients!

As always, if you need any assistance please reach out to our support team and we’ll help answer your questions regarding support.

Jennifer Lott
Jennifer Lott

Jennifer Lott is a Marketing Specialist and Support Guru at WhatConverts. Connect with her on Twitter or via email at

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