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Feb 22, 2021

When it comes to marketing decisions, there’s a big difference between guessing and knowing.

You can guess the ideal customer journey for your customers, or you can see exactly how each lead moves from stranger to customer. According to Google, marketing industry leaders are 1.5x as likely as mainstream marketers to have a clear view of the customer journey.

That clarity is what we’re providing with the new Customer Journey View  — only available in the WhatConverts Elite package.

Customer Journey data can help your business right away

This new section of WhatConverts shows every interaction and page view for all your leads, along with marketing attribution.

Here at WhatConverts, we’ve already been using the Customer Journey view.

Since implementing the Customer Journey we’ve closed holes where we were losing customers. We’ve seen a noticeable boost in new conversions, and can improve customer onboarding which has resulted in higher customer retention.

We’ve been able to boost these metrics because the Customer Journey showed us where our marketing path was causing us to lose customers. Now that we've plugged these holes, the results are following.

See the full journey from stranger to customer

The full customer journey starts from the marketing source. WhatConverts tracks leads from the marketing source to the site, then captures every page view, phone call, form-fill or chat. We continue capturing the person’s interactions with your site all the way through the final sale.

This whole customer journey is shown on a clear timeline, revealing how your customer went from stranger, to website visitor, to conversion to customer.

Here’s one example of a Customer Journey, with the Page View data hidden.

We can see that a customer came from a Google CPC clicked around to a few pages, then started a chat from our Lead Tracking features page. Soon after the chat, they signed up for a trial of WhatConverts.

We can also expand this data to see which pages the customer viewed after clicking the CPC ad.

The Customer Journey View upgrade makes it easier to track clicks along the customer journey to see which marketing most impacts the buyer decision.

Click on a new lead, see the full customer journey with every touchpoint — including every web page visited — and know exactly how each lead goes from stranger to customer. Knowing how your custom found you and what they needed at the time of sign-up will help you facilitate customer success later on.

If you're interested in using the new Customer Journey view, see below for three of the biggest benefits your business can see from this product update.

1. Help build buyer personas

The better you understand your customers, the easier it is to optimize the experience for each type of customer. Creating buyer personas based on Customer Journeys helps build strategy for targeted marketing campaigns.

Here’s an example of what that process might look like::

  • Many of WhatConverts customers are marketing agency executives.
  • They often find us from a Google CPC ad targeted to “call tracking for marketing agencies”
  • Once on our site, agency executives often click on our “Agency Use Case” page.
  •  After viewing this page, they usually do one of two things:
    • Click on a link to learn about our full lead tracking, managing and reporting.
    • Go straight to the call tracking pricing page to sign up.

Imagine that we looked at the Customer Journeys and learned that larger agencies tend to want to learn more about our full product offerings, and smaller agencies tend to just go straight to the call tracking pricing page.

Knowing this, we could optimize our customer journey for a Small Agency buyer persona by creating a tab on our site enticing small agencies with targeted messaging that hits on their specific pain points and sends them straight to the call tracking pricing page.

This would likely increase our conversion rate for small agency executives.

2. Identify customer pain points

Seeing the user’s customer journey allows you to see what kind of content each customer is looking for on your website. You’ll also be able to see how they react when they find that information. Do they immediately convert, or do they click away from that page?

When you see every page a user visits, you might be able to see where they got hung up on their way to a conversion.

Do you have pages on your site that act as obstacles to conversions? You might see that a lead clicked around your site for a while and didn’t convert. Which page drove them away from the site? Let’s say that lead later came back from a different source, accessed a different landing page, and immediately converted. This tells you that the first set of pages aren’t converting, and you might want to make some tweaks.

3. See your site from the customer point of view

Whether you’re a business owner or a member or the marketing team, you know you’ve got to look at your website from the customer’s perspective. You also know that’s easier said than done. When you’re caught up in the day-to-day happenings of your business, it’s hard to switch perspectives to see how a customer might interact with your marketing content.

The WhatConverts Customer Journey is a clear visual that reveals how leads interact with your marketing and website content. You don’t have to think about the customer perspective because you can see it for yourself, as shown here.

You’ll see what leads do after clicking an ad and arriving on your homepage. The Customer Journey view tells you exactly how they navigate your website, and which content and pages entice them to fill out a form, start a chat, or place a phone call.

The WhatConverts Customer Journey View puts you in your customer’s shoes.

Want to see the new Customer Journey view today?

The new Customer Journey View is available only in our Elite package for standard accounts and agency accounts. You can upgrade your account today by logging in to WhatConverts.

Whether you’re interested in seeing which marketing converts, or how users navigate your site, the new Customer Journey view provides a window into how your leads behave. Combining this data with WhatConverts reporting and lead management capabilities can provide you with a clear strategy for improving conversion rates on your site.

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Michael Cooney

Michael Cooney is a co-founder of WhatConverts. Connect with him on Twitter or via email at michael.cooney@whatconverts.com.

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