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May 4, 2023
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    April’s been a busy month for our team, with a few very exciting upgrades in the works (more on those in the coming weeks).

    But today, we’d like to share two newly developed features that’ll make proving and growing your marketing ROI even easier using WhatConverts. And best of all, they're available now.

    First, we’ve added a simple option to optimize your call flows for automated voicemail (giving you more opportunities to sell and more opportunities to track leads).

    And second, we’ve opened up the door to Scheduled Reports from a higher account level, so you can report on all your clients automatically.

    Let’s dive into each of those changes now.

    Smarter Voicemail Call Flows

    One WhatConverts feature that’s great for ensuring your sales calls are getting answered as quickly as possible is Multi-Ring (Simultaneous) Dialing. With it, you can send a single incoming call to multiple sales reps at once. Whoever picks up first is connected.

    However, a call might connect to voicemail before other reps have a chance to answer, losing out on the potential for 1.) a real conversation and 2.) the voicemail to be recorded within WhatConverts.

    As a solution, we’ve added the option for clients to prompt call recipients to press “1” before being connected.

    As a result, personal voicemails will no longer pick up calls in this situation.

    Why Should I Care?

    So say a call is sent to Sales Team A with reps Chelsea, TJ, Antonique, and Juan. All four phones will ring. But Juan is the first to answer, so he gets the connection.

    Makes sense, right?

    But in some situations (e.g., someone is home sick or on break), a rep’s voicemail may pick up a call before any other reps.

    For instance, say Juan is out of the office. And when a call comes into Sales Team 1, Juan’s voicemail picks up before the other reps do. As a result, a call that could have gone to a live rep is instead taken by a voicemail.

    On top of that, calls that route to a rep’s voicemail also bypass the WhatConverts voicemail—leaving that message unrecorded, untracked, and unlogged within the WhatConverts system.

    See the problem?

    Not only are you missing out on a valuable selling opportunity. You’re also missing out on valuable lead data.

    Well with this feature, not anymore!

    How It’s Done

    Activating this feature is simple.


    1. Navigate to your call flow.
    2. Find the dial step you’d like to activate the feature on and click the edit button.
    3. Scroll down to “Prevent automated answers?” and activate the feature.

    That’s all there is to it!

    High Level Scheduled Reporting

    Our clients love the depth and flexibility of data reporting within WhatConverts. They also love the Scheduled Reports feature, which lets them automatically send those data-rich reports to clients (and themselves) on a date, time, and frequency of their choosing.

    But up until now, Scheduled Reporting was only available on an individual Account or Profile level. And within the Master Account, this option was simply greyed out.

    Now you can send birds-eye view scheduled reports from the Master Account level.

    Why Should I Care?

    Let’s say you’re an agency and you’re managing PPC campaigns for 20 different clients.

    What you’d like to know is whether each of these accounts is generating more or fewer leads than last week.

    The system you have set up now sends you 20 individual reports for each of the 20 different clients (all coming in via 20 different emails). And what you’ve done in the past is clicked through each, looked for problem areas, and then moved on to the next client.

    But you’re also busy. And this system takes quite a bit of time to run through.

    Well with this update, you can now generate and schedule a single report that shows all your clients on the same report.

    So with just one email, you can easily see which clients are performing and which need your attention—all in just a few minutes.

    See the difference?

    How It’s Done

    This system change is 100% automatic.

    So as long as you’re on a plan that allows Scheduled Reporting (Pro level and above), you’ll see the change reflected automatically.

    To try it out for yourself, just:

    1. Head into your Master Account
    2. Click “Reports”
    3. Click “Scheduled Reports”

    Happy scheduling!

    Keep An Eye Out…

    Smarter voicemail call flows and high-level scheduled reporting both will go a long way towards giving your agency the data you need to prove your marketing ROI. And we think you’re going to love the ease of use that comes with each.

    Now, as we mentioned earlier, we do have some big things planned for new features coming up soon.

    We don’t want to give too much away yet.

    But let’s just say valuing your leads and saving time is about to get a whole lot easier.

    So keep an eye out for the announcement!

    And if you aren’t already a WhatConverts user and want to start proving and growing your marketing ROI, start your 14-day free trial now!

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