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Oct 11, 2022
The Ultimate Guide to Call Tracking Software
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    Welcome to our product updates and features September edition. We want to share several product highlights and how they will successfully impact your business.

    Integrations were high on our list, and we’re happy to announce an integration with SiteStaff Chat. Regarding integrations, if you have not already moved to the new GA4 platform, you should start the move now to accumulate historical data. WhatConverts seamlessly integrates with GA4.

    For pro accounts, we have added the functionality to copy call flows for ‘post-call flows.’

    If you are currently on the elite plan or agency elite plan, you can also export customer journey data into other software in two ways. Additionally, master account users can set column views for users to make reporting so much easier.

    We have also expanded our scheduled reports to allow you to select specific time frames.

    Let’s get into it . . .

    Service Enhancements

    Integration with SiteStaff Chat

    WhatConverts has been added as an integration partner with SiteStaff Chat, enabling us to add essential marketing data to each chat and then report on the marketing responsible for the chat leads.

    Your chat sessions can now be tied to the marketing source, from organic search, referral, or paid advertising. In the case of paid search advertising, we can also track the keyword, campaign, and content. All this information is stored alongside the chat lead information and chat transcript.

    Our Google Analytics integration supports GA4

    Google Analytics 4 will soon be the default platform. If you track phone calls in Analytics and want to keep collecting data, it’s time to transition to GA4 to build your historical data.

    We added step-by-step instructions to get your integration set up for your convenience (video included) in our post, “How to Track Phone Calls in Google Analytics 4 with WhatConverts.”

    Copy call flow functionality for ‘post-call’ flows

    A post-call flow allows the call recipient to qualify an incoming call when the call ends. Qualifying leads in this manner will save time and allow your sales team to mark if a lead is not only quotable but also adds a sales value to the lead.

    It can be time-consuming to create follow-up call flows. With call flow duplication, you can get access quickly to run your campaigns with our newly added feature.

    To start using this feature:

    Go to “Tracking” > ”Calls ” > “Call Flows” > “Post-Call Flows”

    Hover over the Call Flow Name you want to duplicate and click on “Copy Call Flow.”

    Select “Account” and Select “Profile.”

    You can create custom routing experiences for any of your tracking numbers.

    Export customer journey data via the Dashboard or through the API

    You asked we listened. We added the ability to export customer journey data to gain more insights into how many touchpoints your customer goes through.

    If you are currently on the elite plan or agency elite plan, you can now export customer journey data into other software in two ways.

    1. From the Dashboard

    From your Lead Manager, Click on “Export Leads” > “Export All Columns + Customer Journey.”

    2. Via the API

    On the Home page of WhatConverts.com, Click on “Support” > “API for Developers.”

    WhatConverts API gives you access to data within your account.

    Added the ability for master account users to set column views for users

    For more ease of use and reporting, master account users can set column views for individual users. If you haven’t taken advantage of the new feature in Lead Manager, you can easily set up the reports/view.

    From the WhatConverts profile, select “Leads” from the top menu. To choose the columns you'd like to select for your custom view, click the "Choose Columns" in the Lead Manager. Check or Uncheck the dimensions you would like to see in your Lead Manager. Close the window.

    Click "Save View" next to Choose Columns. Click "Save as New View" to save your current column view. In the drop-down menu under “Save View for User,” pick your user, and Under “View Name,” Enter View Name for your column view. Click “Save View.”

    Your saved report or view you want will be displayed under Lead Manager. For example, if you are only interested in how ‘Organic Search’ is performing, you can now click on that view.

    If you’re running Google Ads, you can set the view by Source=Google, Medium=cpc, and bring in the campaign, content, and keyword to quickly view results.

    You can manage any reports or views you create by clicking on “Manage Views,” deleting those you no longer want, and rearranging any existing ones you do want.

    Expanded scheduled reports

    We have expanded our scheduled reports to allow you to select the following options in your reporting.

    • Previous Period (Day/Week/Month depending on the frequency)
    • Month to Date (Includes current date that is being sent)
    • Previous Days (Define a number of days to include up to 60)

    Final thoughts . . .

    As an industry constantly evolving, we will continue to listen to our customers' feedback and take product development to the next level.

    If you missed any of our previous updates, you can catch up here for August or July.

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