OCTOBOARD: Business Dashboards and Automated marketing Reports

Octoboard LogoAll business metrics in one place. We have built dashboards and reports for businesses and marketing agencies. Octoboard customers can connect to any cloud application using Octoboard and create interactive online dashboards for management teams, department and individuals. Data can be collected for Sales and Marketing departments, Operations, Support and Finance from applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Stripe, SalesForce and many more - all in one place. Startups use Octoboard to display our dashboards on office walls, motivate teams and focus on reals goals expressed in hard numbers. Automatic client reporting for Marketing Agencies Octoboard platform helps marketing agencies save time every week by automating regular client reporting. SEO, Search rankings, Social network signals, Online engagement metrics, Web analytics, Call leads and much more. All data collected and presented to clients in seconds.


    • Add WhatConverts data to your business dashboards in seconds
    • Send automated WhatConverts marketing reports to your clients
    • Access WhatConverts data from any device anywhere
    • Learn insights from WhatConverts data and monitor trends

Octoboard Interface walk through:


WhatConverts Metrics on Octoboard

WhatConverts Metrics available for Octoboard

Marketing Intelligence from WhatConverts in Octoboard

Octoboard Applications

WhatConverts sample metrics and Octoboard

WhatConverts Metrics Dashboard in Octoboard

WhatConverts Reporting in Octoboard


With WhatConverts, you have the tools to see what marketing converts, whether they call, chat, complete a transaction or fill out a form; we can track those touch-points back to the marketing responsible, giving you the complete marketing picture.

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Whatconverts Features for your Business
Compare Changes Over Time
Analytics & Insights Compare Changes Over Time

Compare data between any time period you want.

Append Marketing Data (WordPress)
Lead Tracking Append Marketing Data (WordPress)

Get email notifications for form submissions and online orders, with marketing data attached.

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