What Makes Us Different?
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differentiates CallRail from What Converts.
Top 3 Reasons Why Agencies Use
WhatConverts over CallRail
WhatWe Track

WhatConverts was developed to give companies and agencies the complete marketing picture. We track all leads and tie them back to the marketing channel that generated the lead:

  •  Phone calls
  •  Live chat
  •  Web forms
  •  E-commerce transactions

CallRail´s focus is only phone call tracking

WhatWe Report

Compare marketing channels and leads generated with our built-in reporting. We provide simple reporting for your most important marketing metrics. Our reporting will quickly show you exactly what marketing channels are delivering the best value.

  •  Leads Summary by Day
  •  Leads by Keyword and Campaign
  •  Leads by Marketing Source
CallRail measures the number of phone calls per day. To get the level of WhatConverts reporting from CallRail you would need to use a 3rd party reporting tool.

Our easy lead management allows you to sort, filter and evaluate leads generated through your marketing channels. WhatConverts agency clients say their customers are happier now that they can see where each and every lead comes from. Evaluating actual leads from a specific campaign makes spending marketing dollars more efficient.

CallRail displays the list of calls. You can see additional information by clicking each lead one by one.

Compare Pricing

WhatConverts and CallRail entry level pricing is similar, but once your usage increases WhatConverts savings can be substantial.Send us your usage (numbers and minutes used) to support@whatconverts.com and we’ll provide a quote based on your actual usage.

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"We recently switched our clients to WhatConverts. Our clients are happier and earning more because of your service. WhatConverts has helped us attribute more leads to our campaigns. Thank you!!"
Maarteen Lefor
Act Bold Media Group
"I've tried many of the platforms and many promise simple and easy integration with Google Analytics and Google Adwords. WhatConverts is by far the best platform I've used that integrates your call tracking data with Google Analytics and imports keyword level tracking into Google Adwords. The simplicity of their platform is only exceeded by the level of support they provide. We always receive a quick response time on any questions or issues we've had with platform."
Fausto Bojorquez