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Apr 2, 2024

Case Study

  • Agency: 301Consulting
  • Client: Executive Search Company
  • Software: WhatConverts

“WhatConverts has allowed us to be a better partner to our client by providing a one-stop service for all their leads.”

The Challenge:

More leads doesn’t always mean more ROI.

Minneapolis SEO agency 301Consulting was intimately aware of this problem. Their work (which combined in-depth analysis, bespoke strategy creation, and a 3-phase playbook) brought in fantastic results—on average clients worked with them for 4+ years.

But their current lead tracking tools made it hard to meet certain client goals.

For instance, one client in the executive search space wanted to maximize profits by generating more ideal customer profile (ICP) leads. These leads were companies looking to hire new executives for their C-suite. However, the client’s marketing was bringing in lots of individual job seekers, not businesses looking to hire. And while they had services catering to both, their ICPs were far more profitable.

The challenge for 301Consulting was finding a new tool that:

  • Provided the data insights needed to understand which channels were generating which types of candidates
  • Clearly showed the ROI of their various marketing efforts
  • Unified all their lead data in a single tool

On top of that, they needed a tool that was easy to use, provided a smooth UX, and offered great customer support.

The Approach:

“We knew there just had to be a better solution than [competitor] that could do both call and form tracking, have a nice user experience, and great customer service. And that’s what we found in WhatConverts.”

After some searching, it was clear WhatConverts would give 301Consulting the benefits they were looking for.

WhatConverts allowed 301Consulting to see all their leads in a single dashboard, no matter the type (phone calls, forms, etc.), and no matter the attribution (PPC, organic, social)—no need for multiple tools.

Inside the Lead Manager they could slice-and-dice lead data to easily gather insights like:

  • Which marketing channel generated the most ICPs and non-ICPs
  • Which ad set brought in the highest ROI
  • Which organic landing pages had the highest conversion rate by lead type

They could then use these data insights to optimize their strategy (e.g., allocate more budget to high-value channels that attract ICPs) and build beautiful custom reports around those insights in just a few clicks.

Plus, WhatConverts let 301Consulting tie earned revenue back to the lead, channel, and even landing page that generated it. As a result, they could clearly show the ROI of individual marketing assets based on ICPs, not just all leads brought in.

The Result:

“We have a wide range of clients that need tracking for leads, transactions, and paid ads (Google and social media). So being able to show an ROI on spend is incredibly important. WhatConverts allowed us to easily track conversions with the level of detail we needed. It’s as simple as that.”

301Consulting replacing their current tools with WhatConverts was a success.

The lead data the tool provided let 301Consulting optimize its strategies to bring in more high-quality leads. As a result, they generated 220% more ICP leads for their client.

301Consulting also replaced several tools from its tech stack with WhatConverts, which increased the agency's efficiency.

Finally, the white-labeled interface boosted transparency and trust by allowing clients to see valuable lead data whenever they wanted.

Results Highlights

  • Generated 220% more quality leads in a single year
  • Used lead data insights to optimize strategy and target more of the right kinds of leads
  • Consolidated tech stack to become more efficient

Want to see what kind of ROI you can achieve? Start your free 14-day trial of WhatConverts today!

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