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May 31, 2024

“We highly encourage all of our clients to sign up for WhatConverts as it allows us to clearly demonstrate the results of our marketing efforts.”

Case Study

  • Agency: Digilatics
  • Client: Home Services Provider
  • Software: WhatConverts

The Challenge:

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    Which is your agency—a vendor or a partner?

    Most are vendors. They set up ads, bring in leads, and send those leads to their clients.

    A rare few, however, are partners. They still generate leads. But they also provide the data and expertise clients need to run more efficiently, spend more effectively, and evolve into a smarter, more successful business.

    Partners don’t sell leads. They sell growth.

    And that’s exactly what Digilatics has made a name for itself doing. With ROI-focused marketing and advanced reporting, Digilatics helps clients take their businesses to the next level.

    One client in particular was looking to expand with an agency partner, not just a lead generation vendor.

    To do that, Digilatics needed to:

    • Help them use their ads budget more strategically
    • Provide data to make their business more efficient
    • Build a relationship based on trust and transparency

    They also needed a tool that gave them the granular data needed to achieve each goal.

    The Approach:

    “WhatConverts was an important piece of the puzzle—not reporting on things clients don’t understand (clicks, impressions, CTR) and instead showing value based on on dollars earned.”

    WhatConverts offered the three functionalities Digilatics needed to become a true partner for their client.

    More Strategic PPC

    With WhatConverts, Digilatics could capture and report attribution data on a very granular level.

    They could easily track calls, forms, or any conversion action and tie it back to the exact marketing that generated it, including:

    • Source and medium (Google Ads, Bing Ads, Google Organic, social media)
    • Specific keywords (“home inspection services,” “pest control near me”)
    • Landing pages (leads from landing page #1 vs. leads from landing page #2)
    • Location-based campaigns (Houston home inspection, Chicago pest control)

    Best of all, each of these metrics could be reported on using terms their client would understand—revenue earned. Reporting could clearly show the sales value brought in by each keyword, landing page, campaign, and channel. And that would make it simple for clients to understand the value of each and for Digilatics to adjust their strategy accordingly.

    Improved Business Efficiency

    With the wealth of data at their fingertips, Digilatics could leverage WhatConverts to help their client run more efficiently.

    • Sales Effectiveness – Digilatics could create reports showing quote value compared to sales value based on sales reps, departments, and locations. This would enable their client to know which reps or teams have the best close rate and which need additional coaching.
    • Spend Adjustments Based on Location Capacity – Since Digilatics could pull from historical performance data, they had a clear understanding of how many jobs an ad campaign would bring in for a location. Using this data, the client could adjust ad spend on a location campaign based on how many job openings they had for the week (see how other WhatConverts users have done the same).

    Complete Data Transparency

    Using WhatConverts’ granular attribution, Digilatics could create advanced reports that gave their client the data transparency they’d expect in a partner.

    These reports could clearly show KPIs like:

    • Total leads generated
    • Jobs booked
    • Marketing spend
    • Quote value vs. sales value
    • Quote to sales %
    • Return on investment (ROI)

    They could even be further segmented by marketing channels (Google Ads, Bing Ads), service verticals (home, commercial), and locations (west offices, east offices).

    In the end, these advanced reports would answer client questions, clearly show marketing value, and build trust—the foundation of any partnership.

    The Result:

    Our clients love our reporting. Before WhatConverts, we relied on various other platforms, but all of these had flaws and made tracking quite difficult. With WhatConverts, we can track how many leads are coming in, how many are being taken care of, how many are quoted and how much have closed."

    The relationship was a massive success.

    Thanks to their efforts, Digilatics was able to reduce the client’s costs per conversion by a whopping 90%. Plus, their advanced reporting now allows the client to fine-tune their marketing spend based on daily location capacity (e.g., spend more on locations with higher capacity).

    Digilatics helped the client achieve revenue growth that broke 14-year-old records for the company on a weekly basis. The company has since hired eight new home service technicians as well as ten new customer service representatives.

    Growth shows no signs of slowing either. Since partnering, the client’s business has grown by 22% and has passed the $1 million MRR mark for the first time in their history.

    For the client, it’s a clear path to scaling up even more. And for Digilatics, it’s just one more success story they can use to attract new clients and grow their agency.

    Results Highlights

    • Grew client’s business by 22%
    • Saw a 90% decrease in cost per conversion
    • Achieved $1 million in monthly recurring revenue

    Want to see what kind of ROI you can achieve? Start your free 14-day trial of WhatConverts today!

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