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Apr 27, 2022
The Ultimate Guide to Call Tracking Software
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    The best dashboards are easy to understand. Your marketing KPI dashboard should be a distillation of only the most essential metrics. It’s time to do away with the metrics that don’t matter and start showing clients the metrics they care about most.

    A marketing KPI dashboard can produce significant benefits for your agency:

    • Eliminate the need for long reporting meetings
    • Allow clients to see data without asking the agency to pull reports.
    • Provide real-time data instead of a snapshot

    Your agency’s job is to help your clients grow. The KPIs associated with growth include leads, lead value, sales value, and leads by source. As an agency, you’re helping your clients identify and use the marketing sources that drive the most valuable leads.

    The best KPI dashboards show growth metrics. Growth metrics are revenue-related metrics, including:

    • Total Leads Generated
    • Quotable Leads
    • Leads by Lead Page
    • Quote Value by Source
    • Leads by Conversion Type

    A KPI dashboard with these metrics shows your clients how well your agency is performing in terms of leads. Your client can see that the agency is delivering quotable leads and knows their sales team is responsible for turning these leads into sales.

    Read on to learn more about the five most influential metrics in your marketing KPI dashboard.

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    1. Total Leads Generated

    kpi dashboard

    What does this KPI measure?

    Salespeople care about leads and see them every day in their CRM.  Total Leads is a straightforward metric but not often used in marketing reports. Marketers tend to focus on conversions, which are not as useful for convincing clients that marketing is generating leads. Marketing agencies should care about leads because clients sure do.

    Total Leads is the first metric clients should see when logging in to a marketing KPI dashboard. The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is to drive leads and sales. At the top of the WhatConverts dashboard, you can see the total number of leads generated separated by conversion action (calls, forms, chats, transactions).

    Why do clients want this in their marketing KPI dashboard?

    The KPI dashboard should show the metrics your clients want to see. We asked one agency owner about which metrics his clients understand. Here was his answer:

    “So many software tools create marketing reports, but they're not reporting the metrics clients understand. Clicks, impressions, search impression share; that’s agency spiel, which we’ve learned clients don’t understand and don’t care to see. Clients want to know this: How much money did I make? What’s the actual return? What’s the lead quality like?”

    Tracking Total Leads in your KPI dashboard instantly sets you apart from other agencies that report on metrics like page views, clicks, impressions, etc. When clients log in and see how many leads they’ve received, they’ll know your agency provides them with a return on their marketing dollars.

    Quotable Leads vs. Non-Quotable Leads

    marketing kpi dashboard

    Are you running a PPC or SEO agency? Request a 30-minute live demo and learn how to prove the value of your marketing with WhatConverts.

    What does this KPI measure?

    Good news, you just got a conversion! But is this good news? Getting a conversion is a great feeling, but it’s not the ultimate goal for your marketing team. Your ultimate goal is to drive leads that turn into sales. Here at WhatConverts, we call those “quotable leads.”

    There’s a big difference between a conversion and a quotable lead. WhatConverts allows users to mark leads as quotable or non-quotable (or automate the process). You can then remove quotable leads from the dashboard.

    Why do clients want this in their marketing KPI dashboard?

    Most KPI dashboards show conversions instead of leads. Conversion data is usually anonymized, indicating that a conversion happened but not capturing the actual person or business behind the conversion.

    Showing Quotable Leads means giving clients access to contact information, form-fill details, phone call recordings, or chat transcripts. Quotable leads are actionable; the client’s salespeople can get in touch with a lead right away. Clients can’t contact a “conversion.”

    WhatConverts captures the lead details and marketing source for every conversion action.

    marketing kpi

    Recent survey data shows that 49% of marketers say that “qualified leads” is the most useful metric for measuring lead generation performance. If your clients ask you to generate leads, you have to have Quotable Leads on your marketing KPI dashboard.

    Your agency should love this KPI too. You may be bidding on keywords that drive conversions, but you won’t see any revenue if those conversions come from spam, solicitors, or other non-qualified leads. Identifying the PPC campaigns that drive quotable leads is best to improve your client’s ROI on Google Ads.

    Leads by Lead Page

    kpi whatconverts

    What does this KPI measure?

    Leads by Lead Page is a great success metric for PPC and SEO marketers. PPC and SEO marketing rely on driving leads to the business' website. The Leads by Lead Page segment of your KPI dashboard shows the pages leads are on when they perform a conversion action (call, chat, form-fill). You can use this metric to identify the pages that convert best.

    Why do clients want this in their marketing KPI dashboard?

    This metric doesn’t tell you anything about page views, bounce rate, or session duration, but the simplicity is the point. Why should your clients care about web page metrics that don’t directly correlate with revenue?

    Every client can understand that leads turn into sales. It’s harder to show clients how pageviews correspond with sales revenue. If you can show clients which pages drive their best leads, you can prioritize those pages in PPC and SEO efforts.

    Quote Value by Source

    track roi

    What does this KPI measure?

    Some marketing sources are more expensive than others. For example, LinkedIn advertising is one of the most costly marketing sources, with an average cost-per-click of $5.26 per click. Google Ads, for comparison,  has an average CPC of just $2.69. The expectation is that LinkedIn leads are worth more than the leads from a less expensive marketing source.

    Using Quote Value by Source as one of your main KPIs allows you to show clients the value of different marketing sources.

    Why do clients want this in their marketing KPI dashboard?

    Quote Value by Source helps justify your client’s marketing spend. It proves the value of your agency’s marketing efforts. Most clients are used to agencies that report on non-revenue-related metrics. You gain a considerable advantage over other agencies by reporting on the potential revenue you're delivering to your clients.

    Leads by Conversion Type

    client dashboard image

    Are you running a PPC or SEO agency? Request a 30-minute live demo and learn how to prove the value of your marketing with WhatConverts.

    What does this KPI measure?

    Would your client prefer a phone call lead or a form-fill lead? The answer varies by industry, but MarketingDive data shows that phone calls are generally the most valuable conversion type. Form-fill leads convert to customers at a 2% rate. Phone call leads convert to customers at a 25-40% rate.

    Phone calls and chat leads provide the client’s sales team with more detailed data than they’d get from form-fills, as WhatConverts captures call and chat transcripts for every lead.

    Clients can dig into the transcripts or call recordings to see what the client wanted and how much the lead might be worth. These details make it easy to score leads and assign a quote value.

    Why do clients want this in their marketing KPI dashboard?

    WhatConverts tracks every lead by the conversion type. The dashboard overview shows the number of leads segmented by conversion type and marketing source. Your clients will know that you're capturing every kind of lead that comes in, and they can choose to prioritize marketing sources that deliver valuable leads like phone calls.

    Are you running a PPC or SEO agency? Request a 30-minute live demo and learn how to prove the value of your marketing with WhatConverts.

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