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Apr 19, 2022
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    The best digital marketing report template can turn your reporting meetings into celebrations. Have you ever noticed that your agency's clients don't care about most of the metrics in a standard marketing report? It's hard to get anyone excited about clicks, impressions and page views. It's easy to get a client excited about leads and revenue.

    In this article, you'll find a list of six digital marketing report templates that will change the way clients think about your agency's marketing efforts. The templates are:

    1. Leads by Keyword

    2. Leads by Landing Page

    3. Lead Value Report

    4. Leads by Source

    5. Leads by Lead Page

    6. Monthly Summary Report

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    1. Leads by Keyword

    Google Ads will tell you which PPC campaigns and keywords drive clicks and traffic, but you can’t sell clients on clicks and traffic. You can sell clients on leads, quote value and sales value. Those are the metrics that WhatConverts shows in the Leads by Keyword report.

    Benefits of this digital marketing report template:

    • Show which keywords are worth bidding on
    • Track the ROI of your PPC campaigns
    • Eliminate keywords that don't drive real leads

    marketing report leads by keyword

    (Click image to enlarge)

    This report shows the return on investment from your PPC campaigns. You can see which keywords deliver quotable, high value leads. These keywords are the ones you should continue targeting moving forward. This report will also highlight the keywords that aren’t delivering valuable leads. They might be generating a lot of clicks, but they’re not worth bidding on if they don’t drive quotable leads.

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    You can also filter this report by conversion action. You’ll see which keywords drive phone calls, chats or forms. Keywords that drive phone calls drive the most high-value leads. MobileMarketer data shows that phone calls convert more than 10x more often than web form leads. You’ll be able to identify the keywords and campaigns that drive your most profitable conversion actions, whether phone calls, forms or chats.

    2. Landing Page Report

    This report is helpful for SEO, PPC, and content marketing. The Leads by Landing Page report will show you how users begin their journey on your website.

    Benefits of this report template:

    • Find out which web pages attract the most leads.
    • Figure out which landing pages should be used in PPC ads.
    • Learn which page in your A/B test is driving the most leads.

    You might be used to using Google Analytics to track your landing pages. Google Analytics can show you which pages attract traffic. It cannot show you the leads that use your landing pages. A better landing page report would show you the individual leads that convert after landing on each landing page.

    landing page digital marketing report

    (Click image to enlarge)

    Seeing the individual leads is especially important for marketers performing A/B tests. Landing Page A might attract more traffic than Landing Page B, but traffic isn’t as revealing as “leads” or “quotable leads.” The best way to identify the winner of an A/B test is to run a Quotable Leads by Landing Page report. This report will help cut through the clutter of non-revenue related metrics like clicks/traffic/page views.

    3. Lead Value Report

    Have you ever heard this question from a client?

    "How much revenue am I getting from your marketing efforts?"

    Clients care about the bottom line. Our agency partners have found that clients don’t care about metrics like traffic, clicks, impressions and conversions. Clients invest money in your agency, expecting to see a return.

    The problem is that most marketing reporting tools focus on the wrong metrics. Google Analytics and Google Ads tend to show non-revenue related metrics like clicks, page views and traffic. WhatConverts, on the other hand, reports on leads and lead value. Your clients can understand those metrics, and they'll appreciate that you can track them.

    Every time a lead comes in, it’ll show up in your WhatConverts dashboard. From there, you can add quote value or sales value. You can then report on lead value by source, medium, landing page, etc.

    Benefits of this digital marketing report:

    • Tie marketing to sales revenue
    • Show your clients that you're delivering real revenue opportunities
    • Report on the revenue-related metrics clients care about

    quote value report

    (Click image to enlarge)

    Lead value reports can either show the quoted value or the sales value. Using the lead quote value report, marketers can show the value they bring. Some teams may want to see how much of that quote value the sales team is turning into revenue, in which case they would use the sales value report.

    marketing report template for sales value

    (Click image to enlarge)

    4. Leads by Source

    Every marketer analyzes individual marketing channels like SEO, PPC, email and social media. However, you can get a holistic view of your marketing sources by analyzing them in one report. The Leads by Source and Medium report can show you which marketing channels drive leads.

    Benefits of this digital marketing report template:

    • Identify the channels that drive the most leads.
    • Shift spend from ineffective channels to effective channels.
    • See which channels drive valuable conversion actions, such as phone calls.

    leads by source marketing report template

    (Click image to enlarge)

    Most agencies use this report to see what percentage of leads come from Google Organic vs paid search advertising vs social media. You can alter this report to show Quote Leave by Source and Medium, or even Sales Value by Source and Medium.

    Instead of tracking traffic or clicks, you can track lead data. Lead data allows you to see which channels drive real business value for your clients.

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    This report can help protect you from focusing too much on an ineffective marketing channel. If the Leads by Source and Medium report shows that only two channels drive all your leads, you may need to reassess your strategy. Clients will appreciate the transparency and insights.

    5. Lead Page Report

    A lot of agencies tell their clients which pages generate the most traffic. Your agency can differentiate itself by telling clients which pages drive the most leads. The lead page report tells you which pages leads were on when they started a chat, made a phone call, or filled out a web form. These are the pages that inspire your website visitors to take action.

    Benefits of this marketing report template

    • See which pages on your site drive action
    • Find out which pages should be used in PPC campaigns
    • Identify opportunities to promote pages that deliver high-quality leads

    digital marketing report leads by page

    (Click image to enlarge)

    Your agency can use these reports to improve your conversion rate. You can promote the top pages in this report via Google Ads, direct links, and social media posts. These are the pages that drive action. You may also want to make sure these pages are keyword-optimized. Making sure your top-converting pages get noticed on the SERP is a great way to drive more conversions.

    It’s also worth noting which pages don’t appear on this report. For example, you have a page that shows a lot of traffic in Google Analytics but doesn’t show up on the WhatConverts Leads by Lead Page report. If that’s the case, you may want to add more calls to action to the page to drive conversions.

    6. Monthly Summary Report

    You should only report on metrics your clients care to see. Everything else is fluff, distracting clients from your agency’s results. The digital marketing reporting templates listed in this article are the types of reports that your clients will read.

    The monthly summary report shows data clients care about and understand. The report focuses on one primary metric; leads. Leads fuel sales, and clients know that. Your clients are paying you to drive leads, and the Monthly Summary Report shows how well your agency has accomplished this goal.

    Benefits of the summary report template:

    • Clients can quickly see how your marketing is impacting their bottom line
    • See how your marketing is improving month over month
    • Report can be sent directly to client's inboxes on the first of the month.

    monthly summary report template

    (Click image to enlarge)

    In contrast to other detailed reports, this report summarizes marketing success in terms of leads. The report breaks down into five categories:

    • Total Monthly Leads
    • Top Monthly Marketing Sources
    • Top Monthly Keywords
    • Monthly Leads by Conversion Action (Calls, forms, chats)
    • Top Monthly Landing Pages

    The report's primary purpose is to show which marketing efforts generated the most leads over the past month. The beauty of the monthly summary report is that it displays live data. A client can click “see more detail” at any time to see the actual leads that make up the report.

    The monthly summary report appears in your client’s inbox on the first of every month. Without ever having to schedule a reporting meeting, you’ll be able to show your clients how your marketing efforts are driving leads.

    Using a Digital Marketing Report Template to Show Value

    The point of these lead-based reports is to show your clients the results you're delivering. Clients don't pay you for traffic or clicks; they pay your agency to deliver leads that their salespeople can turn into revenue. Lead-based reports show how well your marketing efforts accomplish this goal.

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