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May 11, 2020
The Ultimate Guide to Call Tracking Software
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    Call routing

    Calls are your most important type of lead because calls convert. With this in mind, you need each incoming call to go to the correct people, departments, and business locations

    Smart Routing is our solution to your problem. It ensures everyone who calls your business goes to the person most able to transform the call from a lead to a customer.

    With smart routing, you can send callers to different business locations, desks, or departments. There are endless options; assign call routing based on marketing source, or based on the web page the person was on when they called. Send first time callers to one department, and repeat callers to another.

    With over 20 different parameters you can use to auto-route calls, it's easy to make sure calls go to the person in your business most capable of converting the lead to sale.

    How can businesses use Smart Routing?

    Armed with smart routing, you can turn more calls into sales, increase conversion rates and better leverage the power of well-aligned marketing and sales departments.

    There are an infinite number of ways to make use of smart routing. We’ll go through a few real-world examples:

    Smart Routing by Campaign

    Let’s say a regional insurance company launches two landing pages for two Google Ad campaigns; one for auto insurance, the other for rental insurance. Both ads have the insurance company’s phone number.

    (actually a tracking number; when it’s called your business’ real phone rings)

    This regional insurance company has smart routing. It routes all calls to the correct department. In this case, half the calls go to the auto insurance salespeople, the others go to the rental insurance sellers. The right people answer the phone, and can easily turn the callers into customers.

    Smart Call Routing

    In this example, the calls were routed based on landing page. That’s one of many parameters that can automatically send callers where you need them to go.

    Route calls based on:

    • Browser
    • Campaign
    • Content
    • Device
    • IP
    • Keyword
    • Landing page
    • Lead page
    • Medium
    • OS
    • Phone number
    • Title
    • Qualified/Not Qualified
    • Repeat caller
    • Repeat lead
    • Source
    • Tracking number
    • Unbounce page ID
    • Unbounce variant ID

    Smart Routing by Caller Type

    A B2B software company receives calls from two main groups of people; current customers and potential new customers. The current customers are trying to get in touch with the support team, but occasionally get caught in the marketing funnel; that means they’re calling the number on one of your emails, or ads, or social pages. They’re calling the company’s main business number, not the support department.

    With Smart Routing, first-time callers are sent to sales, and callers are sent to support. Smart routing would prevent support calls from going to the sales team, and WhatConverts ensures that call isn’t counted as a lead in your marketing data.

    The end result: Streamlined call systems

    If a person calls while they’re on your company’s support page, you can route them to support. If they call while they’re on your pricing page, they’ll be routed to sales.

    WhatConverts offers features like smart routing and geo routing to ensure every caller goes to the right person at your business to complete the sale or provide the right custom support.

    Simple, streamlined calling that eliminates hangups, simplifies processes for both business and customer, and connects the right leads with the right people to complete the sale.
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