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There’s value in knowing which page a visitor first sees when they arrive on your website. This tells you which keywords, campaigns, products or services the lead is interested in.

WhatConverts automatically captures the landing page and lead page data and makes it available for ‘dimension grouping’ in WhatConverts Report Builder. This means you can generate reports that show which products/services your website visitors were interested in.

Landing page data is a leading indicator for SEO performance given that it’s often impossible to identify keywords for organic searches. If you know which page a user landed on, you’ll have clues about which keywords they used to find your site.

Lead page data is important from a conversion rate optimization standpoint. When you know which pages drive conversions, you can apply that successful page layout blueprint to the rest of your site.

In the WhatConverts dashboard, lead grouping filters can be applied using the filter field above each column. Alternatively, simply select the eyeball link in our reporting to show you the specific lead data behind the reporting charts.

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How Companies use WhatConverts
Use Case Education

Find out where your new students come from.

Finance and Insurance
Use Case Finance and Insurance

Which marketing channels are driving new clients? Find out.

Travel and Hospitality
Use Case Travel and Hospitality

See exactly where your customers are coming from.

Use Case Manufacturing

A simple way to figure out where customers come from.

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