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Saving Custom Reports

Master Account Users with a Pro or Agency plan can use Report Builder to create and save reports that can be viewed by both Master Account and Account Users. Saved reports can be shared and scheduled to be sent at a selected interval.

1Log into your WhatConverts Dashboard. Select the account you would like to create a report for under from the Account drop-down menu. Under Profile select “Reports” then, “Report Builder“.

2Select a Primary Dimension (Metric) you would like to build your report using from the drop-down. Click the green “+” to add additional dimensions. You can add up to 5 dimensions.

3Once you have set up your report. Click the “Show Saved Reports” button.

Show saved reports

Under Save Current Report, type in the report name you wish to save your report as. Click “Save“.

    Note: Under Add Report Grouping you can also add additional report groupings (such as “Custom Reports”) to save your reports in.