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Lead-based reports are accurate reports

Our co-founder says, "After many years reporting to clients, we realized that clients didn't read the reports we were sending them. Our agency stopped regular reporting. Instead, I would simply pull out a couple insights each month and paste them into an email and quickly explain the good stuff, mention the not so good items, and then explain what we are doing to improve the items that could be improved. This worked really nicely, but was time consuming. So when we developed WhatConverts, we focused on easy to read reporting with data your clients and business leaders understand and care about."

"Leads are fuel for sales" this is something that your clients understand and know. If good leads are fed into the sales process. Sales will follow.

Our reporting platform reports based on leads as the KPI (Key Performance Indicator).

Monthly Summary Report for Agency Client Reporting

Our monthly summary report distills your marketing from the leads generated into a report that is easy to consume, compare and understand. The beauty of this report is that if clients do have questions or want to see more detail, all they have to do is click "see more detail". This gives access to a more detailed report with access to the individual lead information

The monthly marketing summary gives your clients a quick overview of leads with access to more info in a simple click.

The monthly report is based on Leads, and broken down into the following sections:

  • Total Leads for the Month
  • Total leads by Conversion Method:
    • Calls, Forms, Chats, Transactions, Events
  • Top 5 Marketing Sources
  • Top 5 Campaigns/Keywords
  • Top 5 Landing Pages

"View detailed report" gives you access to a more detailed report for deeper insights.

Monthly Summary Report Sample:

WhatConverts Monthly Summary Marketing and Lead Report

Get the tools you need to see what marketing converts, whether people call, chat or fill out a form. WhatConverts can track every touch-point back to the marketing responsible, giving you the complete marketing picture.

Don't miss a beat with your lead tracking. Get WhatConverts today with a 14 Day Free Trial and start knowing what marketing works.

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