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SharpSpring Logo SharpSpring is a highly-rated global provider of affordable, cloud-based marketing automation.

Marketing agencies and businesses around the world rely on SharpSpring to generate leads, improve conversions to sales and drive higher returns on marketing investments. Known for innovation, open architecture and exceptional customer support, SharpSpring offers flexible monthly contracts at a fair price.

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WhatConverts integrates with SharpSpring to send your incoming phone calls, form submissions and chats as leads along with the marketing data that inspired the customers to reach out. You can use the WhatConverts marketing data in SharpSpring to optimize your marketing automation efforts by getting leads from calls, form submissions and web chats. Integrating your SharpSpring platform with WhatConverts gives you a better understanding of incoming leads. While leads can be entered manually, WhatConverts seamlessly sends leads directly into your contacts list in SharpSpring.

SharpSpring also offers a full app marketplace available for integrations.


With WhatConverts your phone calls, form submissions, web chats and ecommerce transactions so you can view and know what marketing brought them to you and lead data such as marketing data, lead page, landing page, form details, call details, chat transcripts and call recordings.

WhatConverts answers your conversion questions including:

  • What marketing inspired a customer to reach out?
  • Are the leads coming into my business leading to sales?
  • When a customer fills out a form or calls, is that a “good” lead?

With WhatConverts, you have the tools to see what marketing converts, whether they call, chat or fill out a form; we can track those touchpoints back to the marketing responsible, giving you the complete marketing picture.

Don't miss a beat with your lead tracking. Sign up with WhatConverts today for a 14 Day Free Trial and know What Marketing Converts.

You can read more about how to integrate your WhatConverts account with SharpSpring:

SharpSpring Marketing Automation Integration

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Whatconverts Features for your Business
Call Tracking Triggers
Lead Tracking Call Tracking Triggers

Choose which calls to track based on which marketing source the caller is coming from.

Append Marketing Data (WordPress)
Lead Tracking Append Marketing Data (WordPress)

Get email notifications for form submissions and online orders, with marketing data attached.

Append Marketing Data to Orders (WordPress)
Lead Tracking Append Marketing Data to Orders (WordPress)

See which marketing source, campaign or keyword is responsible for online orders.

Add Marketing Data to Chat
Lead Tracking Add Marketing Data to Chat

WhatConverts reports web chats as a conversion action, revealing which marketing drives chats.

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