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Mar 28, 2024

Call recordings make it easy to qualify phone call leads.

All you have to do is listen for key info—Did they mention being interested in a service? Did they set up an appointment?—and qualify the lead if it shows up on the call.

But do you know what’s even easier than this?

Getting call recipients themselves to mark the lead as qualified or not. 

And luckily, WhatConverts makes it simple to build this into your client’s processes using Post-Call Qualification.

Once the caller hangs up, the call recipient just needs to follow a few prompts. Then that lead info is automatically updated inside WhatConverts.

What You Can Do With Post-Call Qualification

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    Let’s say you want to get your client to qualify and value leads more frequently so you can make more data-driven marketing decisions.

    So you build a Post-Call Qualification process into their call flows.

    Now after every sales call:

    1. The caller hangs up and the call recipient (your client’s sales rep) hears the following message:

      “Press 1 if the call was Quotable. Press 2 if it was not Quotable. Press 3 to set as Pending.”
    2. After making the entry, they then hear:

      “Using the keypad, enter the estimated quote value. Push the pound sign when done.”
    3. The lead is now automatically updated inside Lead Manager.

    As a result, you can now get updated lead data without ever having to listen to a call.

    Getting clients to qualify leads and add lead value is what helped agencies like Bake More Pies earn 42% YOY growth for their client.

    Case Study: One PPC Shift, Massive Results – Agency Earns 42% YOY Growth With 3-Point Strategy

    Setting Up Post-Call Qualification

    1. Start by logging in to your WhatConverts account and selecting “Tracking”, “Calls”, and then “Call Flows” from the main navigation. Note: Call Flows are only available on Pro plans and higher, so be sure to upgrade your account to use this feature.
    2. Click “+ Add Call Flow”, name your post-call flow, choose “Post-Call Flow”, and select “Next Step”.
    3. Now you can start building your desired Post-Call Qualification flow. To replicate the example flow above, start by selecting the “+” symbol after the Caller Hangs Up action and choosing “Menu”. Then select the “Edit” symbol.
    4. Add a name for this menu (e.g., Lead Qualification) and set up the steps and keypad entries for Quotable, Non Quotable, and Pending Leads. You’ll also need to include a message that explains the different options.

    5. Add next steps for all three options. Use the “Set Lead Data” option to set Quotable, Non Quotable, or Pending based on the selection.
    6. After the Set Lead Data step for the Quotable option, add an “Enter Lead Value” step. This will allow call recipients to enter a quote value right from the keypad.
    7. Select “Finish” to complete your post-call flow.
    8. You can assign your Post-Call Qualification to a call flow by entering a call flow, selecting the edit button on a “Dial” step, and selecting your Post-Call Qualification from the drop-down at the bottom.

    That’s it!

    For more on Post-Call Flows, be sure to check out the guides below:

    Need Help?

    Our support team is happy to help you set up your Post-Call Qualification.

    Get in touch today and we’ll walk you through it.

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