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Apr 26, 2024

The most effective lead generation marketers don’t just attract more high-quality leads.

They also know how to weed out low-quality ones.

And a big part of that is knowing where those low-quality leads are coming from.

WhatConverts makes it easy to find the source of bunk leads like spam or duplicates.

Why Would You Want to View Spam/Duplicate Leads?

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    Simple – it lets you spot optimization opportunities.

    When you can see which of your marketing produces spam/duplicate leads, you can then take steps to optimize that marketing for better lead quality.

    Let’s look at an example.

    Say you’re running two campaigns—one on Google Ads and the other on Facebook (Meta).

    At first glance, both seem to perform equally well:

    • Google Ads: 1,000 leads at $50k budget = $50 CPL
    • Facebook Ads: 500 leads at $25k budget = $50 CPL

    However, with WhatConverts you figure out they have different spam-to-lead ratios:

    • Google Ads: 250 spam leads out of 1,000 total = 1:3 spam-to-lead ratio
    • Facebook Ads: 400 spam leads out of 500 total = 4:1 spam-to-lead ratio

    You can now see the cost per lead (minus spam) is $66.67 for Google Ads and $250 for Facebook Ads.

    With this insight, you can optimize your campaigns by choosing to allocate more budget towards Google Ads or adjust your Facebook ads to reduce the spam ratio.

    All in all, understanding where spam leads are coming from (and how many) lets you make smarter marketing decisions.

    Viewing Duplicate/Spam Leads

    Duplicate and spam leads are hidden by default in WhatConverts. But showing them takes just a few clicks.

    To view duplicate or spam leads in the Lead Manager:

    1. Login to your account and navigate to the Lead Manager (click Leads in the upper navigation).
    2. Click “Choose Columns” and select the Duplicate and/or Spam columns.
    3. Under the Duplicate and/or Spam columns, select “Yes” to show those lead types.
    4. Your Main Data Display also updates to reflect these filter changes.

    For more on viewing spam/duplicate leads (and how to block them), check out the help articles below.

    Need Help?

    Our support team is happy to help with viewing spam or duplicate leads.

    Get in touch today and we’ll walk you through it.

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