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How do I Block Spam Calls?

At WhatConverts, we take spam calls very seriously. Nothing is more frustrating than picking up the phone and having an automated message or just silence. These calls typically are generated from what we call robo dialers. Since robo dialers normally spoof the caller ID to make the call look legitimate, it makes blocking these calls difficult.

To help block these calls, WhatConverts has a Spam Challenge function built in. A spam challenge is a simple prompt for incoming calls where the caller must press 1 before being connected to your destination number. You have three options for initiating the spam challenge.

    Known Spam Calls: Activate the spam challenge for known spam callers. We use our own internal spam database as well as our partner Nomorobo to cross reference any potential spam caller.
    Restricted & Anonymous Callers: Activate the spam challenge for caller numbers that are either restricted or anonymous.
    All Other Calls: Activate the spam challenge for all other callers.

Turning on the spam challenge for all three options is the most effective way to block spam callers.

Each profile under your account it already set to challenge Known Spam Callers. You can make changes by going “Settings” under a profile then select “Spam Challenge” from the drop-down.

Spam Challenge

How to Mark Leads as Spam

If you receive a spam call, we urge you to mark the lead as spam by clicking on “Spam” within the lead detail pop up.

Spam Challenge

This will activate the spam challenge for that caller under your profile in the future as well as helping us build our database to identify potential spam callers.