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Using different plotting options for your data produces different insights. Seeing a data set on a timeline compared to plotting by dimensions reveals different clues about how well your marketing is working.

Plot by Dimension & Lead Type (default):

The default plotting option is by dimension. This plots your leads by lead type and dimension. For example, the Source/Medium report will show the number of leads by type (call, form, chat) as well as the source and medium.

Plot by Date & Lead Type:

Seeing data on a timeline reveals changes in trends over time. See increases or decreases by plotting by date and type of leads.

Plot by Date & Dimensions:

See the dimension data plotted rather than the lead type. This approach reveals trends in how marketing channels are delivering leads.

Report Charting Options

Reporting is all about displaying large amounts of data in a consumable format. Charting provides options on how to visualize your data for different insights.

  • Area Chart: Great for spotting trends
  • Spline Chart: Has different dimensions to show how marketing channels deliver over time.
  • Column Chart: Can be used to show which products or marketing channels are attracting leads.
  • Bar Chart: Default option for grouping marketing data, and best for summarizing data by dimension.

Here is more information about saving your customized reports. 

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