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Agency Analytics Integration

Agencies using Agency Analytics can integrate their information easily with WhatConverts.

    Important: You MUST be using an Agency Account in WhatConverts to integrate with Agency Analytics.

1 Log in to Agency Analytics. Select the campaign you want to integrate with WhatConverts. At the top of the Campaign Dashboard, click the gear next to the campaign and choose “Integrations” from the drop-down menu.

AA Integrations

2Connect your new campaign to WhatConverts. Click “Connect” and you will get a popup asking for an API Token and API Secret.
Connect to WC

3To get the API Token and API Secret, log in to your WhatConverts dashboard. Under the Agency menu, click “Integrations“. Select “API Keys“. Click “+ Add API Key“.

Agency API Keys

Add API key

4Copy and paste the API Token and API Secret generated by WhatConverts in Agency Analytics and click “Save“.
Agency Analytics Add Agency Key

5When your accounts populate, you can now correlate the account to the campaign you have selected in Agency Analytics. Select the radio button next to the account from WhatConverts and click “Save“. Your WhatConverts data will populate into your Agency Analytics campaign.
Correlate accounts