If you run an online business, chances are you've had one of those days where you sit back and wonder where your customers come from. You know you're getting traffic, but if you're not measuring the source of that traffic and which keywords they used to get there, then you're flying blind. That's why keyword level call tracking has become such a crucial aspect of online marketing over the past few years; let us explain why it matters to your business and how we can help you with your digital marketing goals.

What is Keyword Level Call Tracking?

Keyword level call tracking is tracking software that provides detailed insight into call traffic. This technology allows you to see how many visitors came from search terms and can even track phone calls that resulted in conversions. Because performance reporting is critical to your marketing and sales efforts, keyword level call tracking should be at your fingertips.

Why Keyword Level Tracking is Important

Tracking campaign performance is crucial for effective advertising and marketing, but there are things that Google Ads tracking can't provide. Tracking search keywords is vital to offline conversion tracking and allows you to see which keywords lead customers to call your business. Tracking phone calls at an individual keyword level lets you see which keywords generate the phone calls that become sales.

So, if someone searches for keyword tracking software on Google, you know the keywords used when they called your business. Call recordings let us gauge how customers interact with marketing campaigns and give us insights we can use to optimize campaign performance. Tracking phone calls at a keyword level allows you to measure ROI by tracking what keywords turn into sales calls. Stop wasting your marketing budget and track your call activity as a vital business metric.

Optimize PPC ads based on phone call leads.

When analyzing and optimizing PPC campaigns, it is very beneficial to know which keywords resulted in a phone call and became a conversion. Using Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI), WhatConverts is able to show you what keyword was used for a visitor to see your ad, click and then call.

Google CPC with Test Keyword

Having Keyword Level Call Tracking gives marketers insights into the traffic being generated through PPC efforts and to optimize for a better ROI.

For more information about keyword tracking in WhatConverts, see our article Keyword Tracking for Google AdWords.

Your phone calls, form submissions, web chats and ecommerce transactions are all in one place. You get that information directly in your WhatConverts dashboard. See what marketing brought leads to you and dive into additional lead data such as lead page, landing page, form details, call details, chat transcripts and call recordings.

WhatConverts answers your conversion questions including:

  • What marketing inspired a customer to reach out?
  • Are the leads coming into my business leading to sales?
  • When a customer fills out a form or calls, is that a “good” lead?

Get the tools you need to see what marketing converts, whether people call, chat or fill out a form. WhatConverts can track every touch-point back to the marketing responsible, giving you the complete marketing picture.

Don't miss a beat with your lead tracking. Get WhatConverts today with a 14 Day Free Trial and start knowing what marketing works.

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