WhatConverts now has a direct integration with VWO, an all-in-one platform that allows businesses to easily A/B test different messages, images, and website layouts. VWO is unique in that it allows users to use their existing website for tests; there's no need to create a brand new landing page.

When you're considering a new headline or image, it's useful to test the new content against the old content to see if the change will help you attract more leads.

In VWO, you can experiment to see which variation of the page drives more conversions. However, simply tracking conversions can leave a few holes; gaps where leads slip through the cracks, or bad leads are counted as good leads.

The WhatConverts + VWO integration fills in those tracks. WhatConverts ensures you capture every conversion action, including phone calls, forms, chats and transactions.

WhatConverts also tracks more data bout every lead, including:

  • The variant of your site the lead came from
  • Contact information
  • Location
  • Conversion action
  • Marketing source
  • Keyword (for PPC ads)
  • Lead Value (when applicable)
  • Quotable/Not Quotable (when applicable)

It's easy to set up the WhatConverts integration with VWO so that you can capture more conversion data from calls, forms, chats, and transactions. With better lead data, you can find out which experiments in web page variations are really driving your best, most valuable leads.

Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up the WhatConverts + VWO integration

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Whatconverts Features for your Business
Call Recording
Lead Tracking Call Recording

Control, download and monitor your incoming calls at no additional cost.

Email Notifications
Analytics & Insights Lead Updates via Email

See leads in your inbox instantly.

Leads by Landing Page
Analytics & Insights Leads by Landing Page

See how leads got to your site and the page they were on when they reached out.

Call Whisper
Lead Tracking Call Whisper

Give your salespeople lead tracking info before they even talk to the customer.

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