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Lead Integration

See What Marketing Converts

Send & Receive Data with over 1000 Apps.

Ad Platforms

Integrating all conversion actions and leads with your ad platforms gives you more insights into the ad campaigns. Enhance your bidding strategies with conversion data.

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CRM's are designed to stay in touch with customers and move leads through a sales process. WhatConverts is designed to track where those leads came from. Integrating WhatConverts and your CRM together ties marketing and sales together to provide the complete customer journey from marketing to sales.

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Ecommerce Integrations

Combining lead tracking with your eCommerce store will allow you to track all sales from your website, even phone call or chat orders are captured.

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Forms, Chat and Text

Integrate with your favorite form, chat and text applications. WhatConverts captures and enhances your leads through these conversion methods by showing you what marketing converts.

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Landing Page and Site Builders

Landing Page and Website or Homepage Builders give you the ability to quickly and easily create landing pages or build entire websites for your business. WhatConverts integrates with these tools to track calls, forms, chats and transactions.

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Lead Tracking

Integrate with 3rd party lead tracking providers. See your external lead data in WhatConverts even if you don't use our lead tracking. See the complete marketing picture.

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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation tools help you manage your marketing channels, prospects, customers and automate tasks. WhatConverts is designed to track where your leads are generated from and integrating your marketing automation software can help you optimize your marketing efforts.

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Reporting Dashboards and Analytics are crucial when evaluating marketing performance. See your phone call, form, chat and e-commerce conversions within your reporting platforms.

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