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Google Ads (Adwords)

WhatConverts integrates directly into Google Ads, allowing advertisers to clearly see exact Return on Investment (ROI).

Use the WhatConverts integration to track calls, forms & chats right in Google Ads. No leads slip through the cracks, because every Google Ad conversion is in one place.

With WhatConverts’ Google Ads Integration, you can see which campaigns, content and keywords lead to the conversion, even after the user leaves your site.

Leads from calls, forms and chats are displayed together in one place, where they can be organized, sorted and filtered into insightful reports.

Integrate WhatConverts — Capture More Information About Every Lead

Leads are real people, but Google Ads only captures them as a conversion and a marketing source. With WhatConverts’ direct integration into Google Ads, users can see who the lead is, what they wanted, where they came from, and assign lead value or disqualify leads.

Conversion Data in Google Ads

Integrating Google Ads with WhatConverts, allows you to see easily Cost Per Lead (CPL) by campaign or keyword.

Conversion Value Data in Google Ads

WhatConverts can send the value (Sales Value) of a conversion to Google Ads, to accurately determine the value of your Google Ads spend.

WhatConverts allows you to send sales values for your leads into Google Ads. When you have a lead come in from calls, forms, chats, transactions or more and has an associated sales value, that information can be used in Google Ads to get more accurate Cost Analysis of your Google Ads performance.

Enhance Google Ads Conversion Tracking with WhatConverts

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