WhatConverts only uses first-party data, so our lead tracking is unaffected by any changes regarding third-party cookies. This means you can track calls, forms, chats, and transactions without ever having to worry about any bans to third-party cookies.

WhatConverts only uses first-party data

The big difference between first-party cookies and third-party cookies is who is issuing the cookies. First-party cookies are only tracked by the website that the user is on. Once the user leaves the website, they are no longer tracked.

Third-party cookies are generally issued by advertisers to track users from one web page to the next. They follow users around the internet.

This is why third-party cookies have raised questions about data privacy, and why companies like Apple and Mozilla have gotten rid of third-party cookie tracking. Fortunately, WhatConverts digital marketing attribution software is unaffected by these changes.

Recently, we've had a few customers ask about this after the news that Google Chrome is following Safari and Firefox by moving to eliminate third-party cookies.

This is just a friendly reminder that WhatConverts only uses first-party cookies for call tracking, form tracking, and chat tracking. This means you don't have to worry about any interruptions to your lead tracking as a result of third-party cookie issues. You'll still be able to capture lead data, see which pages users viewed on your website, and store all your leads in one convenient dashboard.

With the changes made by Apple and Mozilla, marketers are now looking for an effective first-party data system. WhatConverts can be part of that solution.

If you're interested in learning more about how our lead tracking system works, click here.

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