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JotForms Form Tracking

Easily Track your JotForm Web forms in WhatConverts by using the Source Code Embed method when embedding the form on your website.

    Note: forms embedded using iframes is not preferred due to security measures implemented by browsers. You can read more about iframes here.

If you haven’t added your WhatConverts tracking script to your website, add your tracking script.

Use the JotForm “Source Code Embed” method.

When embedding the JotForm form within your website, ensure that you have used the Source Code Embed method. Click “Publish“. Click the “Embed” option, select “Source Code” from the drop down menu. Click the green “</> Copy” button. Navigate to your website and paste the form code into the HTML page on your website.

JotForm Copy Code with Embed Method

Identify Your Form in WhatConverts

To track your JotForm form, we need to identify the form in WhatConverts. We need a form name, form id, form class or form action to know which form(s) to track. Once we know what form to track our script picks up the information submitted through your form and adds them to your WhatConverts profile.

    1Login to WhatConverts and select your profile. If you have only one profile this will be selected automatically.
    2Select the “Tracking” menu item. Select “Web Forms“.
    Web Forms
    3Click the green “Add Web Form” Button, and select “Advanced Integration“.
    Add Web Form
    Add Web Form Advanced
    4Name your form.
    5Select Attribute Type “Class” and enter Attribute Value as “jotform-form”
    6Click the “Add” button

Finish Adding the Attributes

Test the Form

Test your form by filling in the form on your website and submitting. The No lead found will disappear and you’ll see the form submission listed on your dashboard.

JotForm visible in WhatConverts

Your JotForm form is now live and tracking.