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Hubspot Form Tracking

Track your Standard (Regular) Hubspot Web Forms in WhatConverts.

1Log into your Hubspot account. Select “Marketing” and “Forms“. Locate the form you want to track in WhatConverts and select “Edit Form” from the Actions drop down.

Edit Form on Hubspot

2Select “Style & Preview” at the top of the page. On the top left of the Style & Preview page, turn On the Set as raw HTML form switch.

    Note: This will only apply for Standard (Regular) Hubspot forms (not pop up Forms).

Click “Publish“.

3Login to WhatConverts and select your profile. If you have only one profile this will be selected automatically. Click the “Tracking” from the left side menu and select “Web Forms”.
Web Forms
4Click the green “Add Web Form” button, select “Advanced Integration“.
Add Web Form Advanced

5Give your form a name, select Attribute TypeClass” and for the Attribute Value, enter hs-form. Click the “Add” button.

Advanced integration for hubspot form tracking
6 Test your form by filling in the form on your website and submitting. The “No lead found” will disappear and you’ll see the form submission listed on your WhatConverts dashboard.

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