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Full Chat Transcripts

Get full Chat Transcripts and Logs in one dashboard with WhatConverts Chat Tracking.

Chat Tracking in WhatConverts gives you the following all in one, convenient view:

  1. Full Chat Transcripts. Read the full chat transcript all within the lead details view of your chat immediately when the chat has completed.
  2. Marketing Data associated with the Chat (including Source, Medium, Keyword, Content, Lead and Landing Page). See which of your marketing efforts are leading to the chat conversions.
  3. Contact Information. Even if you miss a chat, or need to follow up, your visitor’s contact information is one click away.

Having a full chat transcript gives you the ability to quickly follow up with your lead, review transcripts, mark a lead a quotable or assign a quote or sales value.

Full Chat Transcripts
For more information on tracking Chats, visit our Integrations page.